The Lost World
Author: Tadia

Chapter 7

"Earthquake" Sage yelled to the rest of the pack cutting of Arisol as he was speaking. The packs eyes all widened and they looked down at the ground below them.


"Run" a wolf yelled, Sage was not sure who, but every one ran.


It was like a stamped but no one could run very far before the ground cracked even more and peices of earth fell deep into blackness.


"This isn't a regular earthquake" Sage told Ryu while hopping over the holes. "I agree" Ryu said.


Just then a bolt of lightning cracked through the air and the ground all around the wolves collapsed, and they all fell down.


Blackness ingulfed Sage as he felt himself plummeting down to levels in the earth. But instead of it getting warmer like Sage thought it would gettig closer to the magma chamber, it got colder.


Sage tipped upside down and swore he could see solid ground infront of him. But he must be halucinateing because how could there be ground in the center of the earth, they had gone atleast a mile down.


Another thing that bothered Sage was that he could still breath down here.


Sage looked down again and realized that in a few minutes he would be plummeting into the floor of a large rock cave. He closed his eyes and prepared to die.


Sage starred one more time at the ground feet infront of him and then, it all went black.


Is this the end of Sage the wolf?

How did this mystirous cave get in the center of the earth?

How did this catastrophe happen?

Keep reading to find out.


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