When the Sun Sets
Author: Tadia

Chapter 21

Two hours later Brooke and Katrina where by the mess that used to be Granny Josies house. The whole area smelled of burnt wood. They decided to camp there for lunch because of the nearby stream.


Brooke walked around the clearing kicking sand, Katrina was sitting on a log nearby. "So, ummm," Katrina said "Where looking for a lake right, oh wait a hill next to a lake". "Yep" Brooke breathed. Brooke sat down beside Katrina and pet Angel. Her kittens where getting so big. They where each three months old now.


Brooke widdened her eyes, they had been on this jorney for so long! Peppermint ran over to them and flicked his black tail, his green eyes sparkled in the sunlight. "Hi Brooke" he meowed in his cute little kitten voice. "Wheres daddy" he asked, now concerned.


Brooke threw her head into her hands, how could Shadow be gone. He was her friend, her cat, her partner. Brooke put her hand into her purse and pulled out the turtle. it was dry and angry. Brooke walked over to the stream and dunked the turtle in. She had never named it. "What should I name you" Brooke said stroking its shell.


Jorden and Shawn had given her the turtle three months ago, Jorden, the turtle could be named after her. It was also the name a river in Isreal. Perfect, Jorden it was.



Brooke brought the turtle back to camp and put it in her bag. Katrina had started cooking some fish over a fire. "I've got four small trout over the fire" Katrina said twisting the stick they where cooking on. Brooke pulled up a burnt log to the fire and sat down.


Angel and the kittens walked over each carrying a mouthful of moss. They laid in down and made a big nest. They laid down in it as Katrina took the fish off the post.


Katrina sat down two of the fish in front of the cats. She then handed the other one to Brooke. Brooke started picking the fish meat of the bones and sticking it in her mouth. It was ok but she still missed the great flavor of hamburgers.



Once she had finished she stood up and called Katrina over. "Ready to hit the forest again" she asked, Katrina nodded pulling her small thin hand through her thin blonde hair. Brooke walked into the woods soon hearing a crackling noise infront of her.


Something was right there. Foyer lifted his head and meowed something to Sapphire in cat. Sapphire nodded and licked her dark brown-black tabby pelt. Foyer also licked his orange-thin striped tabby pelt. A black cat head poked out of the bushed infront of them.


"Shadow" Brooke cried grabbing the black cat. Shadow purred in her arms and flicked his tail. A black and white cat head poked out of the bushes behind him.


The bushes rustled agan and something walked out.


Brooke blinked and rubbed her eyes, then she gasped.


It was Shawn.


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