Giving up the art
Author: Ella

Chapter 8

there she was again. i stood at the window, looking into her room. her new teacher was prettier and her eyes had more life. yet as i looked more intensely at her, i could see her chin was raised higher than normal and her eyes looked down upon cyrilla's violin.

"that's not right," she snapped. i was taken aback. her demure disposition had given her away as a gentle and sweet lady, but at that moment, my distaste for her grew. cyrilla tried again and i could tell she was trying hard. the serious look on her face had something new. something i had never noticed before. there was fear. cyrilla had never shown fear when she had lessons. she was always confident. perhaps it was the new teacher.

"stop! you are horrible at this. i can't believe i am teaching you," her said in a stern but soft tone, as if she was embarrassed.

"isn't that why you're here to teach me?" cyrilla asked politely as she placed her violin on her lap.

"no. i don't teach losers. i teach those who know how to play well. you must be of a certain standard. it's the same way with schools." she turned her head and spotted me staring. i ducked immediately.

"who's there! show yourself now!" she yelled past cyrilla. terrified, i shot up and said more loudly, "you should not criticise cyrilla like that. she's practised long and hard to be this good."

she was stunned and walked up to me. "who do you think you are? cyrilla will never earn my respect until she is better than me. and i can guarantee you that she never will be."

"what! cyrilla! did you hear what she just said? why did you choose such a stuck up person!" i cried in anger for her.

expecting cyrilla to rebel herself, i quietened but she did not stand up and shout at her teacher. instead, she placed her violin on the floor beside her and looked up at me, "ellia, music isn't so simple. it was never my choice is the first place."


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