Freaky Legends
Author: ♥Emily♥

Chapter 1
Bloody Mary

As the legend goes a girl named Mary was in a coma, but back then no one knew what that was, and they considered her dead. In Mary's times everyone was buried with a bell, and if they were alive or their spirit had un-finished business then they would ring the bell. Here is where the legend spilts into two ways.

1) Mary's mother kept hearing the bells, and begged and begged her husband to open the grave back up. He of course refused. After about a week of being nagged by his wife the husband agreed to open the coffin. When they opened it there was a sight to behold. The coffin's lid had blood all over it. Mary's fingers also held a lot of blood. And inside the wooden coffin lid were Mary's fingernails.

2) Mary's mother was walking around when she saw the bell on her dauther's grave had fallen off. She asked her husband to open the coffin, and he agreed. He wanted to prove she was paranoid, and nothing was wrong. When they opened it though blood covered every inch of the coffin, and her nails were missing. Thus she got the name Bloody Mary.

Now the legend says that if you go up to a mirror, spin three times and when faced towards the mirror you say her name: "Bloody Mary" then she shall haunt you until the day you die. Her face will appear in every reflective surface, either driving you insane, forcing you to do suicide, or living with the dread for the rest of you life.


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