The Lost World
Author: Tadia

Chapter 5
New Pups

Sage pushed his head through the bushes in front of the wolf camp. More of the wolves were awake now and they all where crowded around the queens den. Sage pushed Jade off him and hurried over to the queens den.


Sage bumped onto a white she-wolf, " Oh, hi Sakara" he said to her. "Hi Sage" she barked back excitedly. "Who's having pups" Sage asked, "Snow" she answered.


Sage jumped and ran past the white wolf torwards the entrance to the queens den. "Coming though" he barked at every one as it started to rain. Sage just noticed Jasper walking into the clearing carring three ducks. Sage ran over to him.


"Moms having pups" he told Jasper. Jaspers eyes flickered and he ran torwards the den without a word. " Why didn't he even drop the ducks" Sage told himself flicking his ears as he heard Arisol come out of the Queens den with a happy look on his face. "Two pups" he howled "Two glorious new pups".


Sage and the rest of the pack howled in joy with him. Dracol, Arisols sister came out of the crowd torwards him. "Snow wants to see you and your siblings in the den, now" she barked. Sage nodded and walked there.


Sage bent down and clambered underground into the queens den just as the thunder and lightning got worse. The sounds all died away as he got farther down though. It also got warmer.


Snow was laying in the dimmly lite carvern, and it took Sage ahwhile for his eyes to get fully used to the dark. Then he could see almost perfectly. There where two small almost furless pups suckling at Snows side.


One was a gray with pretty white markings on its head and the other was pure midnight black, even darker than Jasper.


"What are their named" Sage asked sniffing each pup in turn. " Aira is the female she said pointing at the gray one, and Midnight is the male".





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