When the Sun Sets
Author: Tadia

Chapter 19
Sad Times

Brooke woke up, she was bleeding and her head hurt alot, but she was alive, alive. Brooke struggled to her feet, but there was a mattress on top of her. That was what the peice of wood was, it probaly saved her life. Brooke turned over and saw that she was laying on some remains of a bed and mattress.


Brooke pushed the mattress of her and looked around, the city was destroyed. The only sign of life that Brooke saw was a bleeding man running over the rubble holding a torn up dollar screaming "I still own a dollar, Wahoo!". Brooke started searching the rubble for her family and back pack, her eyes eyes were starting to water, "Why does it always happen to me" she cried. Brooke felt something furry under her hand, she yanked at it and saw a small limp calico body. "No, Angel.. NO" Brooke called, the small furry animal showed no signs of life.


Brooke started to cry her eyes out. "No, why you why you" she yowled, but then Angels tail twitched the smallest bit possible. Brooke started chokeing up, "Hang on there old girl" Brooke cried as she carried the cat over to the side of the rubble, into the forest. Most the tree's in sight were burnt and charred but it was safer than on the devastated building.


Brooke ran back into the rubble and found the remains of an old lady and an old man kissing. What a bad time to die Brooke thought still shifting through. Brooke saw a young girls head poking through some more rubble in the building. Brooke crawled over to her "Are you alright" she asked helping the girl out. She looked a little younger than Brooke, maybe she just turned eleven. But she was so small, she had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was holding two cats, one older one and a kitten. "Hello" the girl said "Am I in heaven"? "


"No" Brooke answered as the little girl sighed and pulled herself out the rest of the way. She started shifting rubble like Brooke on the other side of the building. 


Brooke grabbed something from under the rubble, it was small and looked incredibly fat. "Sam" Brooke exclaimed! Brooke pulled him out and started shaking him vigorusly. "Sam, Sam wake up" she shouted at him. He didn't respond. Just like Jorden, he was dead, her brother was dead.


Brooke kept grappling the rubble and found many other people the same way, dead, including her father. There was a man whoses mouth was still moving up and down even though he had no pulse and a woman whose head was stuck in a guitar.


Brooke never found the rest of her cats, untill the little girl ran over to her. She was trying to carry somethings over to Brooke. Soon Brooke made them out to be kittens, five kittens. It was Angel and Shadows kittens. "Are these yours" she asked. "Yes" Brooke cried, they were all alive. Peppermint and Rose had suffered minor injuries but the rest where fine.


"Where did you find them" Brooke asked? "Hiding inside the toilet" the girl sighed rushing off.


Brooke got up and laid them over by Angel and the girls cats. The blondes cats where golden, the kitten, and black, the older one. The kitten was male and the other was female.


Angel was coming through, and all of the cats seemed to be alright.


But they never found Chris or Beth, nor Shadow. But they did find the turtle, in Brookes purse. The purse had somehow got caught on a tree during the explosion and every thing inside was fine.


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