The Lost World
Author: Tadia

Chapter 4
Creepy Happenings

Jasper sighed, his siblings always got into some kind of trouble, even when they were cubs. He could remember clearly when Sage fell into a lake while he was helping Snow and him catch fish.


Sage couldn't swim then so he started to drown. Jade saw him first and leaped after him, it was just so she couldn't swim either. Soo, now Snow had two drowning pups and a pack to feed. Once she got him out of the water she told him, Jasper, to catch the rest of the fish while she was going to get Jade and Sage back to camp. Good mother she was, leaving her young pup alone to catch fish himself.


Jasper always had to do the chores, Sage and Jade got off easy.


Dark clouds started to roll in and Jasper saw a family of ducks getting out of a pond to get to shelter. He bent down but the weather made him uneasy, morning storms where very rare to have. Jasper leaped at the ducks and they just stood there, and Jasper caught all of them hardly trying. Everything was getting really weird.  Was it just him or were rabbits dancing around the lake in tutus.


Jasper picked up the ducks and ran back to camp but he swore that there was mice singing opra in black dresses and that all the prarie chickens where pulling there own feathers out and jumping in stew pots....


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