When the Sun Sets
Author: Tadia

Chapter 17

"Beth" Brooke screamed and picked her sister up. Beth was smiling and laughing, "Sissy is alive" she said. "Yes" Brooke laughed "Yes I am".  Brooke saw Sam running torwards her. Sam almost knocker her over when he ran into her. "Hi Sam" Brooke said bending down to hug him. Even Chris was over joyed with Brookes returning.


When Brookes father showed up Brooke hugged him and asked "How did you find me". "Well" we came here for you're funarel" he laughed, "we thought you were dead". "Well I'm certainly not" Brooke said. But then her fathers face became serious, "Brooke, did anyone else survive the train wreak".


"How did you know about the train wreak"


"The News sweetheart, it was all over TV, now answer my question"


"Yes" Brooke said, leaving out the part that it was Shawn Kelly, because then her father would ask why he was not with her.

 The rest of the day Brooke was treated like a princess, and so were her pets. They went to expensive restrants, got a first class hotel room, and all kinds of other things. Brooke thought her life would be fine from now on. She woud live with her family forever.


If you want the story to have a happy ending and Brooke lives with her family forever end here.

If you want to go on reading the story go on.

But me warn you.

The next chapter is NOT happy> 


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