The Lost World
Author: Tadia

Chapter 3
Panther vs. Wolf

Sage walked out into the tree's after his siblings "wait up" he barked to them. Jade turned around halfway till a squirrl caught her eye, she leaped but then a faster little animal snatched it before her. It was a panther, "Ha" it said climbing up the tree to gorge on its meal, "need to be faster to catch me". Jade growled at it "Want to make sure of that pretty girl". "No Jade" Sage said but it was too late, the panther had already leaped at Jade, all Sage could do was get out of the way.


First it looked like Jade was winning but then the panther got on top of Jade and it looked like she was going to lose. The panther had her pinned down and if Jade moved the panthers claws just sank in deeper. Jade was growling on protest but the panther stopped at nothing. "See girl, Talia is just the fastest animal around" the panther boasted.


Then Sage knew that he had to help his sister, he ran torwards the panther and leaped on her back. The Talia growled but Sage pulled back on its neck so the panthers claws where pulled out of Jade for a moment. That gave Jade time to score her claws against the panthers belly. The panther reared up on her hind legs and knocked Sage over, "This will not be the last you see of me" she hissed. Talia ran off just as Jasper walked into the clearing. His mouth fell open and he dropped the three squrirells he had been carrying.


"What happened" he asked, Jade pulled herself up from the ground. "Panther" Sage growled helping his sister up. "Ohh" Jasper sighed, "Well I guess you two can take the squirrels back and... i'll just hunt the rest of the pile alone". Jasper dissapeared back into the bushes leaving the squirrels sitting there, "Thanks" Sage murrmered walking the other way, Jade limping after him. 


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