When the Sun Sets
Author: Tadia

Chapter 16

"I'm going home" Brooke announced throwing her backpack over her shoulders. "What" Shawn screamed at her, now even more aggravated then before. "I'm going back home" Brooke shouted at him storming off into the woods. Shadow gave Shawn a last glance and followed Brooke, and his family followed him.


"Why are we going home miss Brooke" Sapphire asked Brooke in her sweetest kitten voice. "Because I give up" Brooke said, starting to cry.


 Every one was quiet for a long time untill noon, that was when Angel spoke up. Now Brooke, what is the real reson that you're giving up" Angel said. Brooke sighed " I really don't know". Brooke picked up the cat and wipped her eyes. "You know" Brooke said as she kept walking "Maybe we should go back and follow my dream, my parents probably think i'm dead". Shadow nodded from beside her as the trees started to become less thick.


Brooke smiled at him and sniffed at the air "Hotdogs" Brooke yelled, "I smell hot dogs". Brooke ran forwards untill she stepped out, she saw a city, a large city. Out Skirt city. "What" Brooke said, she had been travling torwards the city, the opposite derection she wanted to go.


Brooke sighed and grabbed her purse, her turtle was staring at her. Brooke picked up the bottle of turtle food, it was emety. Brooke sat down on a nearby bench to count her money. She had ten dollars and twenty-two cents. Enough to by lunch and turtle food she thought.


Brooke put her money back in her bag and stood up. "You guys should get in the back pack" she told the cats. They agreed, though Foyer made a fuss about it. Brooke started walking into the town and followed the smell to a hot dog cart.


An old fat man in a gray shirt and an apron was selling the hot dogs. He could of been the identical twin of train thirteen driver.  "Hotdogs" he grumped "Hotdogs, fresh and juicy, a buck only". Brooke licked her lips and walked over to him. "Howdy darling" he told her "Want a hot dog". "Yes please" Brooke said sweetly pulling out a dollar. He gave her the hotdog in excange for the dollar and started shouting, "Macironni, i own a dollar". He abandon the hotdog cart and started running down the road with the dollar.


Brooke just stood there with her mouth open, "Ahhhh" she said. Brooke chuckled and started trying to find the nearest pet shop.

It was on the corner of Ex st. and Plosion st. When Brooke walked in all she smelled was pet food. Bobs Pets and Food was pretty much a bunch of pet collors and pet food, for fish. 


A middle aged man in a Bobs Pet Store uniform. "Hello" Brooke said "Do you sell turtle food here". The man eyed her suspisiosly, "Isle Twelve" he said his eyes still following her as she left.

When Brooke left the pet store with the food she feed her turtle, and then heard something, then it grew louder, then louder, then louder untill it sounded like joyess screaming. "SISSY".


Brooke turned around, BETH!!


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