WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 3-Book 13: Mother, May I?
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 13
Motherless Children

June 30th, 2019, Beverly Hills, CA


Inside the Mansion’s Foyer, RAMESSES II took a moment to realize that the Lawyer was only missing, but there seemed to be no one else in the Mansion. It was quiet, stale, and there was a rank odor in the air. Something dank, foul, and it hovered in the air like smoke. A twist in his stomach began to knot as the smell of what could have been either rotten raw meat or warm sour milk hit is aging nostrils. RAMESSES II covered his mouth and nose with the arm that wasn’t holding thousands upon thousands of dollars in bonds and paperwork in a briefcase and bolted for the door. The rush of summer air hit him as the Mansion’s front door opened, eliminating the smell of the foulness that was somewhere inside the Mansion. RAMESSES II looked around a moment, again not seeing people.

“Where did that butler park that damn car!?” RAMESSES II relooked at the front from left to right and finally saw the High Society’s car, completely smashed and dipping downward. RAMESSES II walked slowly toward the wreckage and noticed only the front of the car was smashed in; left tire and axle bent inward, grill crunched in and grooved into the ground, and the headlights shattered on both sides. As RAMESSES II approached the car with his mouth open in disbelief, he saw the keys were in the ignition.

“Well, what good is that going to do me!?” RAMESSES II yelled out loud, his voice echoing down the lawn and it was at that moment when RAMESSES II realized something: standing all around the other cars were kids.


In the very corner of the Mansion, PHILBERT came to a door at the very end of the hall on the right and somehow knew that this door would be his means of escaping whatever the hell was happening. PHILBERT grabbed the door handle and it jarred, failing to twist or turn. PHILBERT wiped his hands off on his pants in a panic and took a quick glimpse back up the hallway. In the entrance to the hall where he just was a moment ago stood almost a dozen kids, all closely in height and varying in hair color, just staring motionlessly.

PHILBERT felt a cold chill run through his body as the kids, all in unison, screeched a horrifically monstrous wail! PHILBERT grabbed the door handle with all his might, rammed his shoulder into the door, and the door burst open, causing PHILBERT to lose his balance. PHILBERT then turned around, grabbed the door, slammed it shut, locked it with the bulged nob, and pressed his back against the door for a second's breather.

When PHILBERT opened his eyes, he found himself in a little girl’s bedroom: white lacy curtains, fluff white bed comforter, stuffed animals and ballerina images everywhere. In the corner of the room stood a single girl looking out her window at the backyard; her arms were crossed behind her back. PHILBERT knew it was Anastasia’s room!


Storming through the Mansion’s backyard like a soldier on a mission, LEIGH kicked whatever was in her way or walked over any debris in the yard. Heading for the hill in the back, LEIGH knew things that were happening all around her due to the voice in her head.

“They Found The Children! After Them!”

Then she heard, “They Found Anastasia! After Them!”

Lastly, LEIGH heard something else. It wasn’t a monster’s wail. It wasn’t a mental message. It was an engine. LEIGH was so driven’ on getting to the top of the hill to see who was in the mud pit rescuing the real children who were taken by the mud monsters that she didn’t bother to acknowledge her surroundings. As Mother of the Game and Protector of the Creatures, LEIGH was not going to let the captured children get free; they were their resting meal and their avatars to this world.

From the left, a clown’s company van being jostled by three monster kids and half-eaten corpse erratically hit LEIGH, creaming the Nanny into the grill of the van! Unlike the children who were cloned as the children, LEIGH’s real body was hosting the creature’s superior. Every living mud creature knew their master was dead!


In the backyard, MORBIUS the Magician looked up at the boy. “What do you mean ‘pushed yourselves up’? You mean something pulled you down and you had to crawl back up the mud over your heads? That doesn’t make sense!” MORBIUS grabbed yet another hand and began to pull up another child out of the mud pit. “Grab my cape, all of you!”

The children looked at the boy, who MORBIUS realized was maybe a year older than the rest, and the boy shouted, “Help him!” All the kids, including the boy, helped MORBIUS pull out five more kids, rescuing sixteen in all. MORBIUS was wiped out physically until something grabbed his ankle deep under the mud. This grip wasn’t a child’s hand either!

“Get Back!” MORBIUS screamed at the kids as he tried to feet for the metal pipe the boy told him about. When MORBIUS felt the pipe against his shin, MORBIUS knew what it was, used his free foot to stomp on it, and with two shoves, the pipe fell from under him. MORBIUS knew it was broke and it was just the moment he needed to get free!


R.I.P. LEIGH the Nanny

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