WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 3-Book 13: Mother, May I?
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 12
The Kids Are Alright

June 30th, 2019, Beverly Hills, CA


Storming through the Mansion on foot with thunderous thumps of her shoes as she walked, LEIGH darted for the back of the Mansion on foot as she could without running. From the kitchen to the dining nook, to the lounging area and now at the back doors. As LEIGH power-walked through the lounging, two groups of corpse-munching mud-kids were still enjoying their meal.

LEIGH didn’t look down at the munching mongrels as she walked straight through the back glass-paneled door to the back patio. Wood frames splinters, shattered glass pieces, and tiny threads of the Nanny’s clothes fell to the floor of the patio stone as LEIGH steps right on through. The tiny shards of wedged glass in the door put several cuts on LEIGH’s hands, face, and exposed parts of her legs. None of the monsters looked up at her either.


Also in the Mansion, RAMESSES II stood up the corpse of the High Society Chairman slowly and continued to stare down at the pool of blood coming out from under the pillow that thankfully covered her face. The plan today was to rob Mr. Moneypenny of possibly over one million in bonds and unsolicited cash. The plan was to have several people involved to have several ways to pass blame. The plan was for the High Society to end up with an unknown donation and improve the newly renovated one-hundred and fifty acres of real estate.

The end result was always the same: in the end, it was RAMESSESII that would end up with every dollar stolen from Mr. Moneypenny. RAMESSES II collected all the bonds, stuffed everything into two briefcases, and left the office of Mr. Moneypenny behind him as he headed for the front of the Mansion. As RAMESSES II entered the Foyer of the house, he stops and realizes the Lawyer’s body is missing!


Lost inside the Mansion, PHILBERT ran down the eastern corridor of the Moneypenny estate, terrified beyond thought about what he saw, what he did, and what could happen next. PHILBERT ran past Mr. Moneypenny’s office doors before RAMESSES II came out and found himself in a tight spot, surrounded by doors.

Looking down the hallway and judging which way to go, for a moment he thought about an old cartoon he used to watch. This was just the kind of scene where Scooby and the gang would be chased by the monster of the week in and out of the doors in an impossible manner. PHILBERT shook his head to erase the cartoon images out of his head and decided to head for the last door on the right at the very end of the hall. Something was telling him that the solution to his escape would be in that room.


In the backyard, MORBIUS the Magician had already pulled four children out of the mud pit. It seemed like for every drowning kid he’d rescue, two more would emerge. Growing exhausted, MORBIUS didn’t stop until one child was stuck by something under the ground. All the rescued children on the mud line’s edge helped one another clean the mud off their bodies and faces. An older boy than the rest climbed back inside the mud about knee deep and began helping MORBIUS pull up the exposing hands.

MORBIUS turned back to the boy entering the mud and yelled, “This one is stuck! I can’t pull! What’s under there!?”

The boy responded just as out of breath as MORBIUS was, “A deep pit with an air pocket and a metal pipeline! I don’t know what it is but that’s what we used to push ourselves up out of the pit!”


In the front of the Mansion, PUMPERDINK the Clown felt the car behind him come into contact with the parked car and didn’t give a single second thought to the monster kid that he ran over. The Clown shifted the van back into Drive and went forward as far as he could without coming into contact with a vehicle in front of him. Damaging the engine was not in his interest, so when the front bumper was close enough, PUMPERDINK shifted the gears once again to reverse and felt three more bumps under the van until the back bumper smashed the parked car behind him once again, causing one of the back doors to wedge open.

PUMPERDINK didn’t take his foot off the gas for the parked car began to slide on the grass as the van pushed it. When the opening cleared, PUMPERDINK turned the wheel until the windshield displayed a sunny green lawn, free of parked cars. The Clown downshifted to Drive once more and fish-tailed the van across the front lawn! With the entrance behind him, PUMPERDINK knew the only way out was to go around the back of the Mansion and come back up the front.

What PUMPERDINK didn’t know was that three of the creatures he ran overturned into their mud-state, caked up into the cracks and rust spots, and solidified inside the van! The three children monsters attacked PUMPERDINK and began chewing him alive as the van drove out of control around to the backyard of the Moneypenny Mansion. PUMPERDINK’s head was half-eaten as the van crashed through MORBIUS’s magic stage set.



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PUMPERDINK will return in WILL YOU SURVIVE Book 15!


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