WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 3-Book 13: Mother, May I?
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 11
Rock And Roll Children

June 30th, 2019, Beverly Hills, CA


Inside the Mansion, something inside LEIGH finally snapped back into clarity, and the sight of the keyless cabinet for the second time did it in. LEIGH had taken all the keys prior to the arrival of the guests; it was part of the plan to rob the Moneypenny’s of their Mansion money stash as the party went on. The Nanny, DEZMOND the Bartender, the High Society, and the Chapa Brothers group were all that was needed, but then LEIGH recalled finding the children at the bottom of the hill near the mud line just before the woods…and that’s where everything began the current blur.

At that moment, a high-pitched screech of a wail pierced LEIGH’s mind! It was the game Mother: “They Found The Children!”


Also in the Mansion, ECHO & RAMESSES II both put on white cotton gloves and neatly ransacked the office, taking the bonds off the desktop and out of the desk drawers. RAMESSES II’s lie about the bonds being fake worked, throwing off Mr. Moneypenny. Another lie was about to work as well as the High Society left the office.

RAMESSES II leaned down to check Mr. Moneypenny and said, “He’s still alive!” ECHO knelt down beside RAMESSES II as the High Society President took one of the two guns and shot ECHO in the ribs with the gun against her suit!

“Idiot woman…,” RAMESSES II said coldly as ECHO fell backward. RAMESSES II took a pillow from Mr. Moneypenny’s sofa, covered ECHO’s face, placed the gun against the pillow, and fired three more muffled shots as a pool of hot blood flowed from beneath.


Still inside the Mansion, PHILBERT & PIDGE stood erected as PHILBERT zipped up. At an immediate glance, there were nine children slowly coming out of hiding spots. Then, a blink later, the married couple realized these couldn’t be kids! They had no eyes, just sunken in deep wells. Their mouths were gaped open with jagged teeth sticking out all around the mouth. Lastly, their fingers were extended tentacles wiggling about.

PHILBERT, against the wall behind PIDGE, shoved his wife by her shoulders at the children, in which she knocked over a tall lamp. PHILBERT dashed for the back patio door as DEZMOND entered, both hitting shoulders against one another. As PHILBERT left and DEZMOND entered, both heard PIDGE cry out in pain, terror, and agony as the children ravenously bit, clawed, and chewed upon PIDGE on the floor. DEZMOND, only two steps into the Mansion, stood in horror and disbelief at what he just walked into!

Uncountable seconds later, LEIGH appeared in DEZMOND’s view, dashing in a hurry toward the Bartender. Before DEZMOND could grasp a word, LEIGH grabbed the Bartender’s head and spun it more than halfway around in one snap! LEIGH was exiting the back patio door before DEZMOND’s body hit the floor. Two children left the corpse of PIDGE to feast on DEZMOND and a few more scrawnier children arrived to feast upon the double meal laid out before them!


In the backyard, MORBIUS the Magician pulled as hard as he could on the arm of the child toward the grass line, like pulling a seal out of the ocean onto a beach. The mud was insanely deep for its location and thicker than cold syrup. The kid screamed more through the garble of mud in her mouth, but MORBIUS realized it was a little girl about eight years old. MORBIUS wiped a muddy hand inside his jacket, then reached into the child’s mouth to remove the choking mud. At this, the girls gagged and vomited, clearing her mouth, throat, and airway.

A slapping began to catch MORBIUS’s attention behind him and as he swung around to see another emerging hand, the girl spoke in gasps of air, “M-More! There’s more of-of us! Wer-Were All Down There!” The Magician had no time to ask any of the questions that were ramping though his brain because the children of the party were in danger. MORBIUS second checked the crying girl, turned around, and leaped back in the deep end of the mud, grabbing another child’s hand emerging from under the mud.


In the front of the Mansion, PUMPERDINK the Clown got a quick look at a good handful of the kids surrounding his van, standing in between all the parked cars in the grass. For a moment, there were more cars than kids. As the kids began to walk towards his van, he realized that something was wrong with the whole thing! None of the children were laughing, talking, running, giggling, or even had eyes!

“Oh Hell, Forget This Shi—!” and the slamming of the sliding door cut off PUMPERDINK’s cussword. PUMPKERDINK rummaged through the van, jumped back into the driver seat, and looked into all the mirrors. In front of the van are two parked cars. In the rear-view mirror, PUMPERDINK saw only one.

“That’s the way out!” PUMPERDINK turned the key, roared the van engine to life, slammed the gears in reverse, and hit the gas! PUMPERDINK felt the van hit a creature and heard its roar before the metallic thump of the car behind him.


R.I.P. ECHO the High Society Chairman


R.I.P. DEZMOND the Bartender

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