WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 3-Book 13: Mother, May I?
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 10
Kids Wanna Rock

June 30th, 2019, Beverly Hills, CA


Deep within the best hiding places inside the Moneypenny Mansion, the mixed game of ‘Hide & Seek’ and ‘Mother, May I?’ is coming to an end. So far, overwhelmingly, the children of Anastasia Moneypenny’s birthday party are winning and reaping their rewards. There are few adults left and this is to their advantage.

The Mother of the game just sent a mental message to every one of her children, “You’re no longer hiding; it’s their turn to hide. Go and find them!”


Inside the Mansion, LEIGH & PAM are in the kitchen, and LEIGH is getting PAM something to drink from the overhead cabinet. The Nanny isn’t caring that this guest is getting a drink from Mrs. Moneypenny’s alcohol stash; her husband just died and she needs comfort. PAM rested her arms on the island as LEIGH got an empty glass. As PAM sobbed, LEIGH glanced back at the open compartment and once again saw the missing keys. That odd hint of deja vu once again smacked LEIGH, but this time, the Nanny recalled why. The clarity was as clear as the wine glasses.

LEIGH collected a glass, grabbed a bottle, closed the cabinet, and turned around to see PAM with her head down in her arms on the kitchen island. A faint sound of children laughing echoed in her ears as LEIGH grabbed the bottle by the neck. One hit was all it took to knock PAM out, but seven more hits put PAM’s lights out for good, without breaking the bottle!


Also In the Mansion, ECHO & RAMESSES II stared at one other, both holding a gun and both with a different facial expression. RAMESSES II couldn’t believe what he just saw, even though he had threatened Mr. Moneypenny with a gun first, never intending on pulling the trigger.

“E-ECHO! Wh-What did you do!?” the High Society President asked ECHO shakily. ECHO’s answer was cold.

“What you couldn’t!” ECHO stormed over to RAMESSES II, took his gun from his hands, and his handkerchief from his suit coat. After wiping off both guns and removing the silencer, ECHO put both guns in each hand of Mr. Moneypenny and said, “Now, grab the fake bonds off the desk and the real seventy-five thousand out of the bottom left drawer, and let’s go out of here before anything else happens! We’re not waiting for the others!”


Still inside the Mansion, PHILBERT was enjoying the company of his wife PIDGE’s angry tantrum when the group of people came in. The moment they walked in, they all sheltered their eyes and scurried to the back doors. PIDGE gave no notice, but something else caught PHILBERT’s attention the moment the door closed and they were alone. Rather, they were no longer alone! From behind furniture, plant vases, and from behind closed doors came a stock of slow-moving children coming from their hiding spots.

PHILBERT frantically tapped on PIDGE’s shoulders trying to muster the words, “S-Stop! PIDGE, Stop!” PIDGE saw PHILBERT’s face, turned around, and jolted upright as she saw the children.


Outside the back patio of the Mansion, DEZMOND pulled his phone from his pocket and was just about to call ECHO when a thought hit him, “Damn, I can’t call her; it’ll leave a trace. Screw it, we’ve already called and texted already today twice! Oh damn, ECHO better Not Have Started The Plan Without Me!” DEZMOND slapped his right hand on the stone railing in anger, knowing that the robbery was already taking place.

DEZMOND told himself, “Oh Hell No, I’m not leaving here empty-handed!” and that’s when DEZMOND stormed back toward the Mansion to find ECHO the Chairman!


In the backyard, MORBIUS the Magician stood at the mud pile, watching a child plead for help trapped in the mud. A moment of getting his costume dirty came to his mind, but that vanished when the thought of a child drowning in mud overwhelmed him.

MORBIUS was knee-deep into the mud pit when that realization hit him and MORBIUS began to shout, “Take My Hand!” but realized the child’s face was completely covered. MORBIUS walked waist-deep, grabbed the child’s arm and quickly pulled the child toward him, yanking fiercely! The mud was thick, rank, and definitely deeper than where he was standing.

With a mouthful of mud, the child shouted, “The obthers! You havbeta savbe the obthers!”


In the front of the Mansion, PUMPERDINK the Clown began punching his steering wheel in frustration, knowing he can’t leave the property without damaging his van and twenty other high-rolling high-priced cars. PUMPERDINK got out of the driver seat, stormed through the back storage area, and exited out the sliding door to find he was surrounded by more than just parked cars. Like weeds sticking up out of a pond, there were children standing idly between the cars!


R.I.P. PAM the Wife of CID

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