WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 3-Book 13: Mother, May I?
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 9
The Children Cry For Help

June 30th, 2019, Beverly Hills, CA


There are five Mansions in Beverly Hills that rival the size of the Moneypenny Mansion. The other forty in a twenty-mile radius are smaller and newer by thirty years. People have a tendency to roam throughout large places unattended and unannounced. Today, doing so brings doom to almost any individual attending Anastasia’s eighth birthday party! What was once a large attended party of people trying to join in on the riches and sociality of the wealthy has been discreetly minimized to just under twenty without notice! Furthermore, what is left of their remains?


Inside the Mansion, when LEIGH & PAM enter the kitchen, ALEXENDER entered his office last after RAMESSES II & ECHO entered and closed the double doors behind him. RAMESSES II sat back down in the chair he was originally in.  ECHO was in the middle of the office between ALEXANDER and RAMESSES II.

“Your fraud money is still the key issue here, ALEXANDER. I will no—,” ALEXANDER cut him off.

“I have a dead body in my lobby, you old bastard, and a slew of parasite guests who are witnesses! This will be—,” and RAMESSES II jolted out of his chair.

“Your Personal Matters Are Not My Concern, ALEXANDER Moneypenny!” RAMESSES II thunderously shouted staring at ALEXANDER. So was RAMESSES II’s gun. ECHO slowly stepped back, getting out of the sight of the barrel of the gun. ALEXANDER raised his hands, genuinely in shock of seeing RAMESSES II’s seriousness of the money situation.

Softly, RAMESSES II spoke, “You tried me make a fool of me and the High Society, Mr. Moneypenny. I will no—,” and that was when ECHO interrupted.

“Oh, for the love of Benjamins!” ECHO pulled a gun out of her suit coat inner pocket, aimed at ALEXANDER and shot four times, each bullet piercing through a silencer. ECHO & RAMESSES II watched ALEXANDER collapse and take his final breathes. ECHO looked at RAMESSES II; ECHO’s face was serious, but RAMESSES II’s face was in surprise. Just for the moment at hand, both members of the High Society had a gun and both were now aiming their guns at one another!


Also inside the Mansion, PIDGE was dragging PHILBERT through the back doors from the patio.

“You dare embarrass me in front of all those people! Do you have any idea who all is out there? Whose home this is?! What the stature of what our future could be, just by Being Here?!” PIDGE pulled PHILBERT’s ear until PHILBERT was pressed up against the room’s wall, making a picture on the wall bounce. That’s when PIDGE planted an erotic kiss on her husband’s face and grabbed his face with both hands. PHILBERT forgot that making PIDGE mad turned her on something fierce. When the group of people came into the room from the Foyer, they saw PIDGE start to do something that no one should be watching and something that should be done between a husband and wife in the privacy of their own home!


Outside the back patio of the Mansion, DEZMOND had had enough of waiting, wondering, and second-guessing.

“Someone call 9-1-1 right now, someone go find Mr. Moneypenny, and Someone Better Be Doing Them Now!” DEZMOND shouted, getting to his feet. Everyone around him took a step back, shocked that the Bartender was shouting orders at them. The shout of his voice was stern, in command, and had a tint of fear in it.

DEZMOND ran down the back patio stone steps and stood for a moment in the sunlight, looking down the backyard acres. There were no people, no children, no party guests, no workers, no help, and no one who was a part of the robbery plan at hand. For the moment, DEZMOND was alone more than normal. In his head, he had to make a choice: stay, leave, or investigate the situation.


In the backyard, MORBIUS the Magician stood at the base of the acre before the tree line, right where a gigantic puddle of mud sat in the shade of the trees. The mansion, its sounds, its features; all are hidden behind the gigantic hill. If one didn’t know there was a Mansion at the top of the hill, they’d be in for a surprise if they climbed the hill. But at this moment, MORBIUS was the one in for a surprise when a hand popped out of the middle of the mud puddle.

The hand was clawing at anything it could reach and when the head popped out, a child screamed, “BBPlease! Helbbbmee!!”


In the front of the Mansion, PUMPERDINK the Clown ransacked his entire costume, removing most of it, and found his keys. PUMPERDINK slammed the key into the ignition, turned the van over, and the engine came to life. The party Clown for children was ready to leave this place until PUMPERDINK looked out the windshield: every single vehicle parked for the party was surrounding his van.

“That damn butler jag-off parked Every Damn Car Around My Van!”



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