WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 3-Book 13: Mother, May I?
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 6
Bad Kids

June 30th, 2019, Beverly Hills, CA


Inside the Mansion, more handfuls of party guests were growing around the dead body in the foyer.

PAM was still in hysteria, screaming constantly as her mind repeated the impact of the statue on her husband’s head over and over again. LEIGH, the Nanny who’s been trying to calm PAM down since entering the foyer, finally raised her right hand and slapped PAM across the face as hard as she could. The slap echoed in the white-walled foyer, making most of the people jump, but it worked. PAM stopped screaming instantly, stood there in shock with her eyes wide, and finally collapsed on LEIGH’s shoulder, sobbing heavily with heaving gasps of air. LEIGH caught her and held her.

Mr. ALEXANDER shouted again to LEIGH, “How In The Hell Did This Happen!?” but again, LEIGH didn’t answer. Couldn’t answer due to PAM’s sobbing. ECHO, the High Society Chairman, knelt down beside ALEXANDER and brought him to his feet.

Whispering in his ear, ECHO said, “You might want to start getting these people out of here. You have a homicide, whether it’s an accident or not, in your home!” ALEXANDER looked at ECHO and came to his senses, agreeing with ECHO. The two turned around and saw RAMESSES II standing among the party guests, staring emotionlessly.

Beside RAMESSES II, GEORGE the Lawyer was on his hands and knees trying to pick up the broken Martini glasses he had just spilled. Much of the alcohol spilled on a few guest’s clothing, even on RAMESSES II himself. Yet, the man of posture didn’t move. His face was that of Lurch from The Addams Family: cold, stale, and judgmental. LEIGH looked over PAM’s shoulder and saw Mr. ALEXANDER & ECHO approach RAMESSES II, but couldn’t hear their exchange of words. Finally, without a word, RAMESSES II left the room as Mr. ALEXANDER & ECHO shoed everyone out of the room. LEIGH took PAM away into the next room as GEORGE picked up the glass, unaware if anyone called 9-1-1 yet.


On the back patio of the Mansion, another group of people attending the birthday ran toward another woman.

As the man who was arm and arm with Mrs. Moneypenny explained to DEZMOND the Bartender what he saw, PHILBERT continued on his ranting of what he thinks happened loud enough for everyone to hear. The growing crowd around them began to look at DEZMOND with judgmental eyes and started to quietly talk amongst themselves in patches.

PHILBERT went on to say, “Everyone Needs To Check Their Drinks To Make Sure This Man Isn’t Going To Poison Someone El—,” and that’s when a hand slapped PHILBERT quiet. PHILBERT’s glasses flew off his face but PHILBERT knew that hand anywhere: it was PIDGE’s hand.

“Philbert! Shut Your Damn Mouth! You’re Not Helping Anything Or Anyone!”

DEZMOND, relieved that someone shut that PHILBERT man up, looked around to see if there was a face he’d recognize a name to. There was only one: PENELOPE.

DEZMOND looked at the man across from him and asked him, “Where did the man with the tray of drinks go?” The man shook his head and raised his shoulders.

PENELOPE looked at DEZMOND and asked, “Has anyone seen Mr. ALEXANDER and told him what has happened?” No one answered. There were over twenty people grouped around Mrs. Moneypenny, DEZMOND, the man, and PENELOPE and no one answered. “Has A Single One Of You Even Called 9-1-1 Yet?!” PENELOPE shouted at the crowd. Everyone just looked around thoughtless, as if they all thought everyone else was or had called already. “All you rich bastards are worthless!”


In the backyard staging area, the children’s entertainment dilemma was taking a turn for the worst.

SUPERFLY & MORBIUS stood frozen in their stance, trying to comprehend what they were seeing and how it happened! BABY CHAPA was sobbing heavily over his brother’s body, PUMPERDINK the clown ran away earlier, and no one had noticed a thing!

SUPERFLY tried to pull BABY CHAPA off the corpse but BABY CHAPA only shrugged away, screaming, “Leave Us Alone! He’s My Brother!” MORBIUS looked around and saw everyone was grouped at the back of the Mansion.

SUPERFLY tried to pull BABY CHAPA off again saying, “We have to find out who d—,” and that’s when BABY CHAPA grabbed the dagger from his brother’s head, yanked it out, and swung it wildly at SUPERFLY, shouting, “I Said Leave Us Alone!”

BABY CHAPA, not realizing how close SUPERFLY the Superhero was, watched a rush of blood waterfall down SUPERFLY’s throat. SUPERFLY began to choke on air and blood as he grasped his throat with both hands. MORBIUS watched helplessly as SUPERFLY collapsed from an accidental slit throat but what came next was pure insanity! A little boy popped out of the trunk with the other dagger, stabbed BABY CHAPA in the back of the head, and ran off laughing!


In the front of the Mansion, PUMPERDINK the Clown ravaged through his van shouting, “Where Are My Keys!?”


R.I.P. SUPERFLY The Superhero

R.I.P. BABY CHAPA The Juggler #2

8 out of 33 votes each

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