WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 3-Book 13: Mother, May I?
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 4
Kids In America

June 30th, 2019, Beverly Hills, CA


LEIGH pressed her hand against the velvet backing of the key cabinet, feeling the material and the empty brass hooks upon her hand, seriously trying to mentally grasp a recent memory.

“Wh—,” LEIGH started to ask aloud to herself when an ear-piercing scream and a heavy THUNK sounded from a nearby room inside the Mansion, making LEIGH run!


Arm and arm as host and guest, ABBY Moneypenny verbally entertained the man as they walked from one end of the patio toward the mobile bar. Her favorite drink guru DEZMOND was hired once again to mix his magic.

“No one in Beverly Hills can make a Mojito or a Manhattan like he can!” ABBY bragged. As ABBY passed by PIDGE & PHILBERT, who annoyingly looked like New York tourists admiring skyscrapers, a familiar and far less attractive man approached, carrying a silver platter with four Martinis.

“Well, well, GEORGE. Look at you; finally, you have a useful skill,” ABBY said to GEORGE the Lawyer and took one of the glasses for herself, placing her now empty glass in its place.

“Those are fo—,” GEORGE started to say but ABBY cut him off snobbishly, “Go and tell ALEXANDER his daughter’s party is starting!”


ABBY’s husband ALEXANDER sat behind his desk, which the top was now strewn with sheets of Deutschmarks Bonds.

“I gave the High Society fifty thousand dollars in German bonds in good faith towards our stature and our good name.” RAMESSES II sat in the chair across the desk motionless with one leg draped over the other. ECHO was standing beside him. “My application into the High Society is still pending and this is your largest contribution this year. How dare you accuse me of delivering phony money? I—!” Before ALEXANDER could finish, a scream echoed inside the Mansion!


GEORGE, ignoring ABBY but still heading back to the office with the drinks, entered the Mansion’s glass-paned back doors. His arm wobbled as he fought to balance the now three full glasses. Just as he got the door closed, a handful of children came running through, coming out of one room. They were giggling gleefully and one had a colander on his head like a space helmet. In a split second, GEORGE realized he already forgot how to get back to ALEXANDER’s office.


One room away from GEORGE, CID & PAM were heading back out of the Mansion when a group of kids passed them laughing. The children made their way toward the staircase except for one little girl, who stopped directly in front of CID & PAM.

“Can I help you, dear?” PAM asked nicely, for the child simply stopped to look at them.

“We were playing Hide & Seek, but you found us.” CID laughed and smiled.

“Does that mean we won?” The little girl smiled and nodded. At the top of the staircase, two boys simultaneously whisper, “Mother, May I?”

When they heard, “Yes, you may,” the two boys dropped a head statue of Alexander The Great over the railing and it landed directly on top of CID’s head, caving it into his shoulders and splattering blood all over PAM! Instantly, PAM began screaming at the top of her lungs!


PENELOPE was outside with the Chef’s staff, placing the food platters and entrees in place when a faint scream came from inside Mansion. At that moment, ABBY was on the back patio woofing down her Martini and flirting with the man on her arm when the man grabbed ABBY Moneypenny’s body.

“An-Anyone! Help!” the man shouted as ABBY collapsed, choking on her drink, wide-eyed and foaming through her teeth! DEZMOND the Bartender, PENELOPE the Party Planner and others came instantly, easing ABBY down to the back patio floor. Within second, ABBY was dead.


While REGINALD was just parking the High Society’s car, unbeknownst to everything happening, PUMPERDINK the Clown appeared in his view. PUMPERDINK the Clown was running across the lawn at his full speed, heading straight for his entertainment van. Old REGINALD watched as the Clown was stripping off his costume and rainbow wig as he ran.

“Clowns,” is all REGINALD droned with a disregarded huff. As PUMPKERDINK got in his van, REGINALD exited the car.


SUPERFLY the Superhero & MORBIUS the Magician were laughing amongst themselves, thinking everything they just saw was part of an act. They were getting paid pretty good money for entertaining these snobby rich kids and since there were no kids to be found, they were entertaining themselves.

But that came to a quick halt when BABY CHAPA came out from behind The Chapa Brothers display shouting, “Someone! Help! My brother! Someone Help Me! Please!”


R.I.P. CID the Husband

R.I.P. ABBY the Host

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