WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 3-Book 13: Mother, May I?
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 3
Smells Like Children

June 30th, 2019, Beverly Hills, CA


Staring at the open cabinet used to house all the auto keys, LEIGH the Nanny took a deep breath trying to get a mental grip on her moment of Déjà vu. LEIGH recalled being on the back patio with PENELOPE & the lead servant, then realized all the children for the party were missing. Quickly after, she ventured down the backyard hill, thinking the kids went down by the tree line to play. Then…LEIGH can only recall coming back up to the house…another blank moment, then wondering in the yard before approaching ABBY & ALEXANDER to tell them she found the children; hiding and playing a game! LEIGH shook her head a second, still not being able to grasp why the key cabinet made her Déjà vu!


ABBY Moneypenny collected another cocktail, made sure everyone else had a drink and excused herself to go check on things. With her husband gone, and not wanting to walk around alone, ABBY linked arms with another man talking in a group, a tall well-tanned man who didn’t have another woman around him and used his escort her toward the back patio. Among the walk, ABBY ran into PIDGE & PHILBERT who were admiring the Mansion’s architecture. 


ABBY’s husband ALEXANDER was now alone in his office with High Society President RAMESSES II and Chairman ECHO. GEORGE the Lawyer left the room, heading to the bar to collect drinks, but it was ECHO who just wanted the Lawyer gone for a few minutes. Things in motion were happening and they couldn’t stop now; there was too much at stake. ECHO handed RAMESSES II the thick manila folder file in which RAMESSES II politely accepted it, but then threw it harshly at ALEXANDER behind his desk without opening it. ALEXANDER watched fifty thousand dollars’ worth of paper Deutschmarks slide out of the folder.

“Every single one of those you donated is phony, Mr. ALEXANDER Moneypenny.”


GEORGE took the Grand Staircase down to the bottom floor but got lost finding the back of the Mansion. Inside the house, wonderingly admiring everything about the Moneypenny’s Mansion, was married couple CID & PAM Billings. When GEORGE found the couple, he asked him where the bathroom was, remembering the back dining area had a bathroom near it, which was also near the back patio bay windows. CID & PAM directed GEORGE and he was on his way. In no time, DEZMOND the Bartender was approached by a sweating, but stiff, man demanding the Martinis. GEORGE found it astonishing that DEZMOND already had the four drinks already on a silver platter, ready for transportation. DEZMOND gave the four drinks an instant view and was relieved the glass with the pill already dissolved the surprise!


PENELOPE helped the kitchen staff look for CARSON the Chef’s missing knife and even though the kitchen was impeccably clean, the knife was nowhere to be found. Shouting in Italian, cursing words in between the bursts, PENELOPE escorted all of CARSON’s assistants to get the food outside and to stay away from CARSON until the knife was found. Now, alone in the kitchen, CARSON was checking every drawer, tabletop, and cabinet when the pan cabinet was flailed open angrily, revealing a little girl curled up in a ball. CARSON the Chef jumped back at the sight of a kid hiding in his kitchen.

The child exited, laughing, saying, “You Found Me!” The Chef chuckled and took the child’s hand. Then, she said, “Mother, May I?”

The Chef responded with, “Huh, Child?”, but the voice in the child’s head said, “You may.” At that moment, nine more children came out of other cabinets, each one holding a cooking utensil: meat mallets, probes, kabob spikes, meat cleavers, and other items. All the children rushed the Chef, knocked him down, and used the kitchen tools on CARSON’s head, beating, stabbing, chopping, probing, and ending the life of the short-tempered Mansion Chef.


PUMPERDINK the Clown ran past SUPERFLY the Superhero & MORBIUS the Magician, flopping his huge clown shoes on the ground as if they were swimming flippers. SUPERFLY & MORBIUS were laughing at PUMPERDINK until the clown kept running until the Clown disappeared around the side of the house. BABY CHAPA, who was looking at the front of The Chapa Brothers display stand, saw the Superhero & the Magician watch the Clown run away. Curious on where his brother was, BABY CHAPA walked around to the back of the display and saw his six-foot-tall brother face down in the prop trunk.

“You’re drunk again!? Here? Now? Of all places and shows?!” the dwarf juggler began to complain until BABY CHAPA got too close, not smelling alcohol but something fouler: blood. BABY CHAPA pulled his brother’s shoulder back and the dwarf saw the juggling sword sticking out of his brother’s head like a knife through a pumpkin!


R.I.P. CARSON the Chef/Baker

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