WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 3-Book 13: Mother, May I?
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 2
The Kids Aren't Okay

June 30th, 2019, Beverly Hills, CA


LEIGH the Nanny did leave as ordered by ABBY Moneypenny but LEIGH didn’t go looking for the children. LEIGH already found the children and had no intention on looking for them again! Running from the front of the Mansion to the back patio area and then inside the back glass doors, LEIGH knew where she could go: away! Just off the kitchen inside a digitally-locked cabinet of keys to all the vehicles in the storage garage. LEIGH opened it and they were all gone!

“The kids are missing, all the keys are missing; what is going on here!?” LEIGH whispered in a panic. Then, a thought hit her; a moment of Deja Vu. Something in her mind reflected on a moment, a recent moment, which she was just here.


ABBY Moneypenny finished her cocktail in one heavy douse, adjusted her attire and manners, flashed a smile on her face, and reproached the group of associates who left just moments before when LEIGH arrived distressed. ABBY flashily her stature back into professional high-class, laughing at things that weren’t even funny and fiddling with her pearls with her left thumb. ABBY snapped her fingers at the nearest servant, demanding another freshly-made cocktail.  


ABBY’s husband ALEXANDER was not in the same mood as ABBY with his associates, who had walked directly into the Mansion, through the Foyer, and directly into ALEXANDER’s office just to the left of the seating room. GEORGE the Lawyer ran ahead of the group and opened all the doors for REMESSES II & ECHO, then entered the room last after ALEXANDER walked in. REMESSES II gently removed his jacket, folded it over his arm, and sat at the front of the large wooden desk where ALEXANDER sat behind.

“What is this all about?” ALEXANDER asked as if he didn’t already know. REMESSES II snapped his fingers and GEORGE appeared beside him, handing ECHO a thick manila folder full of papers. ECHO took out her phone, texted a quick message, told GEORGE to bring up some drinks, and readjusted her apparel.


DEZMOND the Bartender was in the middle of making some man, who was talking about the Oakland Raiders upcoming season and saying, “I wouldn’t buy that team if someone else gave me the money!” when a text message chimed on his phone in his pocket. DEZMOND finished the Highball and served it to the gentleman, who then placed a ten-dollar bill in DEZMOND’s tip glass.

“Nickels and dimes,” DEZMOND whispered in his head at the tip. When there was no one left to service, DEZMOND checked his phone text: [Confirmed. Step two is a go. Step three is four drinks.] With a hidden grin, DEZMOND began getting everything ready for four Martini’s: four glasses, olives, and one special small pill.


PENELOPE heard the burst of music from The Chapa Brothers and checked her watch from the kitchen. One of the windows was open and sounds travels. Her watch said Noon and the music was on cue for the first round of children’s entertainment. Then, the music killed off, making PENELOPE think there was an error in the system.

From the far end of the kitchen, CARSON the Chef began shouting in French, “Where in the damn hell is my good steak knife!?” The kitchen staff began frantically searching the kitchen for one of CARSON the Chef’s largest knives in is culinary set.


PUMPERDINK the Clown walked over goofily toward The Chapa Brothers display with a full bottle of seltzer water. SUPERFLY the Superhero & MORBIUS the Magician had bet PUMPERDINK fifty buck to spray BIG CHAPA & BABY CHAPA before the shows start and PUMPERDINK didn’t miss a beat. Behind the speakers and display stand, BIG CHAPA & BABY CHAPA were just about to open their hugs trunk to make sure their extra bowling pins were loaded, their swords, and a few other surprises to wow the kids. PUMPERDINK snuck up to the two jugulars in his big clown shoes, got the seltzer bottle ready, then paused when BIG CHAPA opened the truck. Inside was a kid!

BIG CHAPA jumped back at the sight of a little boy in his prop trunk and the little boy giggled, waving, saying, “I Found You!”

BIG CHAPA placed a hand on his chest, laughed a bit, and said, “What are you doing in there, kid?!” The boy laughed again and answered with, “Mother, May I?”

BIG CHAPA questioned an expression and said, “Huh?” Inside the boy’s head, the boy’s answer was clear, “Yes, You May.” BIG CHAPA reached down to help the little boy out of the trunk as BIG CHAPA realized the boy was holding something. PUMPERDINK watched the little boy inside the truck take one of the juggling swords and shoved it straight up under BIG CHAPA’s chin straight into the juggler’s head! PUMPKERDINK the Clown turned around and ran as fast as he could back toward his stage setup beside MORBIUS & SUPERFLY, and wasn’t planning on stopping!


R.I.P. BIG CHAPA the Juggler

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