Original Poetry
Author: thebloodylily

Chapter 2
Raining Teardrops

Raining Teardrops


Who am I to be crying?

I have the life everyone wants

Yet here I am

Raining tears down my cheeks


Feeling alone in the world, 

Not knowing what else to do,

What am I even doing here?


I have people who love me,

The “together” family,

The lover who adores me,

Yet it feels not right.


People like me

Shouldn’t feel this way;

Yet here I am

Raining teardrops like the baby I am


Why am I like this?

Is there something wrong with me?

Why can’t I feel happy?

Why does my smile feel so fake?


I think I am a fake.

This isn’t who I am.

I’ll do nothing

But let my tears fall

And look down 

On myself


I always let the tears fall

In my darkest of times

Yet I can never explain just why,

Why I feel this way?

Why I can’t control it?



Why must these tears rain down my cheeks

When I have the life everyone wants?


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