The Boy, His Horse, and the Mob (Chapters 1-5)
Author: travis e

Chapter 5
Chapter 5

Chapter 5

10 years later

Scott, now a teenager was living with his Aunt Helga and Uncle Bo in rural Elko, Minnesota. Scott and his aunt were riding through the lush forest on a nice April day on horseback, where the temperature reached 60 degrees. “Scott, did you finish your homework?” She screamed while she bounced up.

“I just have some math homework I need to finish when we get back,” he said quietly, because Helga told him to finish all his homework before they went on the trails.

She screamed, “I told you to do it before we left that you needed to have your homework finished!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Scott said under his breath because he didn’t want to hear about not doing homework.

“Stop the horse, NOW!” Helga screamed as she pulled up on the reins. Scott stopped and Helga continued, “If you want to make something of yourself someday, you need to get good grades so you can get a good edu-”

Scott interrupted, “You didn’t go to college, and you and Uncle Bo are the richest director and producers on the planet!”

“Your uncle and I went to the USC where we were film students!”

“But you dropped out and did make a name for yourself!” Scott interrupted again.

“We dropped out when Disney offered both your uncle and I a director and producer contract for two years that was ten times what my grandma and pop made combined. We were being told to take the offer when an attorney looked over the contract and it was a great deal. We each got two million dollars each to work on three to five movies together.” Helga paused for a moment. “If we didn’t do anything after that, we could’ve continued school debt free.”

“I just wanna go home!” Scott said, annoyed.

“I think that’s a good idea.” They turned around and started heading back to their house, three miles away.

After trotting a mile and a half, Scott slowed down to a stop. Helga was paying attention to the scenery of the area because if they would’ve decided to stay in LA year-round, they wouldn’t get this and almost ran into an overhanging branch when her horse stopped.

“I know what I’m going to do Aunt Helga!”

“What’s that?” Helga asked as she maneuvered her head away from the branch.

“I'm going to move to Hollywood to become an actor! Since I'm your nephew, I shouldn’t have any problem getting roles.”

“That is probably true, and we could also help cast you for roles too. Your uncle and I really want you to get some sort of post high school education. We don’t care you it’s a trade school, or you going to med school to become the number one doctor in the country!” Helga replied, smiling.

“Doctor?” Scott asked? I just wanna use my martial arts training to be a world champion, or be the next Jackie Chan!” He pause for a moment, and continued, “or I might become a trust fund kid since your making 2% off of  all Walt Disney Company profits! With all your profits from your movies, the 250 millionish dollars you make from Disney, ill be living the good life.”

Helga laughed, “If you think you’re going to be a trust fund baby, you have another thing coming! Your uncle and I worked hard for our money. Will we help you out? Of Course, but you're not going to be sitting on our couch for 30 years while we work. That isn’t going to happen.”

“Oh, Aunt Helga.” Scott laughed. “I won’t be sitting on your couch for 30 years. Ill be traveling the world with gorgeous girls by my side! That 850 million that you and Uncle Bo have made so far will be able to take me to the most exotic places on the planet!”

Helga laughed. “Our Creative Consulting that we do for Disney is what brings in most of that! If it wasn’t for the fact that Universal wanted us after we became fairly successful, we might not have the wealth that we have. One thing you have to understand Scott, is that no matter how much money you have, you need to respect everybody from all walks of life. No matter if their job is a maid or cook, or the CEO of a company or somebody in the entertainment industry. We are all people and everybody wants to be accepted.” Helga looked at her watch and saw that they needed to get back home so Scott could finish his homework before dinner. “We should probably get going. You need to get your homework finished before dinner is ready.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Scott saw something move by a couple old oak trees. Scott hopped off his horse and walked towards the trees. “Scott what are you doing?” Helga asked.

“I saw something,” Scott whispered as he continued.

When he walked past the trees, he startled an abused horse and it tried running away but couldn’t because it was basically lame. Scott gasped when he saw the how bad this horse looked. “What’s wrong?” Helga asked as she got off her horse.

When she walked over to Scott, she was astonished to see every single bone on the horse’s body as it continued to limp away from them. Scott walked over to his jet-black horse and got a lead rope and halter that was in the left side of the saddle bag. He walked over slowly to the other horse and it tried running faster, hurting itself in the process. “Whoa, whoa,” Scott said in soft voice.

It stopped and he was able touch it. Scott rubbed his hand up its entire body, feeling every dip and crevice that were it’s bones. When he got up to it’s head, Scott gently put the lead rope and halter on.

Just as he moved the horse to wait for his aunt to get home to get a trailer so they could take bring it home to have their vet take a look at it, an arrow came out of nowhere and hit the tree behind where the horse was just standing at.

As Helga got back on her horse to go get a trailer, another arrow almost pierced Scott instead of the horse. Helga yelled, “Scott take cover! Somebody deliberately shot at you!”

As Helga said the last syllable, another arrow was a nanometer away slicing his head open like somebody would slice open an apple. Scott tried getting the horses to safety too. Helga screamed, “Forget the horses, find cover!”

Suddenly, Helga saw a luxurious Hummer limousine and it stopped on the road parallel from Scott and the horses. The man inside the limo with a Herringbone Solaro Two-Piece Suit  rolled down his window and yelled, “I see you kid! Come on out and bring that horse!”

Helga looked at him with fear in her eyes when she saw Scott start walking out in the open. She vigorously shook her head and mouthed, “Stay where you are!”

When he was in out in the open, he screamed, “If that’s your horse, you need to be arrested! How could you treat a horse like that!”

The man laughed and Scott ran towards the limo. Helga’s eyes got as wide as the ocean when she saw that four men got out of the vehicle. three out of the four men had a bow-n-arrow, a baseball bat, and a mace. The last guy appeared bare handed.

Scott ran towards the men and the one who was bare handed, pulled out a gun when Scott got within striking distance of them. “If you come any closer, not only will the horse be dead, but you will be too!”

Scott laughed. “If I were you, I would put that gun away immediately!”

All the bodyguards started laughing. Scott started laughing too and said sarcastically, “Really, if you don’t put that gun away things are going to get ugly!”

They continued to laugh, and the bodyguard didn’t put his gun away. Scott axe kicked the gun out of the bodyguard’s hand, twisted his arm behind his back and said, “Now, if you don’t get out of my way, I’ll be force to break your arm! Do I make myself clear?”

The bodyguard with the bow-n-arrow goes to shoot Scott, but instead, the arrow strikes the other bodyguard that Scott had hostage by the arm. Scott grabbed his other arm that and twisted it behind his back and up to his head, breaking his arm about halfway up. He then heeled kicked him in the face, and he went tumbling down. The man in the suit told Scott, “You just made a big mistake by messing with one of the largest mob organizations in the world!”

Scott started laughing and told the man in the suit, “As you can see, I’m not scared of you or any other of your wannabe mobster buddies! What kind of mob uses bats and bow-n-arrows to do their dirty work?”

The man said, “I’m called the Lion! We only use guns as a last resort. It’s something that our founding members wanted.”

“That’s stupid!” Scott blurted out. “That’s not how it’s done in the movies!”

“How dare you insult our organization!” the Lion said, livid.

 “Well, Mr. Lion, its what I do!” Scott paused for a second, and continued, “Why don’t you just get your sorry bodyguards outta my face so we can be on our way!”

The Lion said, “If I can shoot you in anywhere on your body that I please, I’ll let you be on your way, but otherwise you’re staying put until I say you can leave!” The driver of the limo had called some more people in the mob to come and assist.

About five minutes later, fifteen cars came and surrounded Scott. They all got out and Scott began fighting all of the mob members that arrived one by one. They got smart and began ganging up on him so he couldn’t fight them all at once. He remembered what his Krav Maga practitioner taught him and he began doing eye and elbow strikes, various kicks, and hook and upper cut punches to get them all to surrender.

 The Lion said, “I underestimated you! You’ve won this battle, but you’re going to lose the war!”

When all the vehicles began driving away erratically, several mounted police officers coming back from training drove up next to Scott. There were two trucks with trailers. One of the trailers was full of horses while the other one only had a couple in it. Behind the two truck and trailers, there were three Chevy Tahoe units behind them.

All the officers turned on their red and blues. The SUVs drove to catch up with the other cars that were now long gone. Those officers also called for backup to assist with locating them. The driver of the truck asked Scott, “Are you alright?”

Helga screamed, “What the hell were you thinking Scott!” She paused for a moment, and continued, “You could’ve been killed and there’s nothing I could do about it!”

With blood pouring down his face, Scott said, “They claimed to be apart of some organized crime group and they wanted that horse. When I wouldn’t give her to them, this is what happened.

“Frank, I'm so glad to see you! Those thugs tried killing my nephew and I couldn’t do anything about it.” Helga started crying. She continued, “I thought I was going to lose him. We could never have children, so it was a blessing when we had the opportunity to adopt Scott.”

When three more units arrived at Scott and Helga’s location, Frank had the horsed loaded into the trailer. “We’re going to have a detective come out to your residence to follow up and take over the investigation. This is a very serious offense. We don’t have crimes like this happen in this area, which I'm sure is why you live out here.”

“I'm so glad you came when you did!” Helga exclaimed. “I'm want them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They need to get the death penalty for what they did to my baby!”

“For this particular incident, we can’t suggest the death penalty. If they are in organized crime like you said they are, there is a possibility that they could get the death penalty for something else.” He waited to see if Helga would respond. When she didn’t, Frank continued, “Get in the truck and I’ll take y’all home.”

As they jumped in the truck because it was a foot off the ground, Helga said, “Don’t you ever do anything like that again!”

“There’s no guarantees! I had to put my Krav Maga training to good use for when you and Uncle Bo were filming in Israel and I learned from the masters!”

“Those were in a controlled environment. You weren’t going to die there!” Helga said, nodding her head.

“That’s why I learned it, was for things like this,” Scott said, as his adrenaline levels decreased.

The drove in silence for the rest of the trip home. They made a right hand turn into the small driveway that had no problem getting both truck and trailers, as well as the three other SUVs that were also following in the escort. Scott rolled down the window and reached out to the box.

With the tips of his fingers, he pressed 3582 and the 20 foot high and 50 foot long gate opened up. When all the vehicles made it through the gate, it closed in a downward motion and they continued down the two mile driveway as they drove through a small portion of the 1500 acres that Helga and Bo owned.


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