The Boy, His Horse, and the Mob (Chapters 1-5)
Author: travis e

Chapter 4
Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Cindy and Scott arrived at the White County Division of Children and Family Services Office fifteen minutes later. She looked at her watch and saw that it was 12:15 am, and Cindy was a little bit sleepy. She grabbed her coffee that she bought from McDonald's on the way and got out of the car.

After she closed the door, she walked around the front and continued to Scott’s door. She opened it and tapped Scott on the shoulder. “Scott, we’re at the office. I'm going to find you a place to stay for a while.”

Barely opening his eyes, he said, “Am I home? Did you find my mommy?”

Cindy said, “No we’re not, sweetie. We’re at my office so I can find you a temporary family until I can find you a more permanent home.”

Unbuckling his seatbelt, Scott took Cindy’s hand, and they walked toward the door. Cindy unlocked the door and turned the light on as she passed the switch. She guided Scott to a playroom where she set up some sleeping quarters for him.

After tucking him in, she went out the door and shut it behind her. She took a left and walked three doors down. She unlocked it, opened the door, and went to her computer to turn it on. While she waited for the computer to boot up, she went to the dimmer and turned on the light before going to check on Scott.

She peeked through the window on the door and saw that he was sleeping. She walked back to her office and by this time, her computer was on and ready for her to sign in. She walked over to her it and pressed on her sign-in icon. She typed in her password but forgot to capitalize the first letter. She had to retype her password and this time, she typed the correct one, and it logged her on.

Cindy got on the intranet and went to the emergency placement tab, and 20,000 names came up from all over the state of Georgia. She went to the advanced search tab and typed in 50 miles of Helen, and 100 names popped up.

She scrolled through the names in front of her and decided to click Emily Shell. Emily’s information popped up when she clicked on her name. It showed that she had one vacancy available. Cindy put her finger on Emily’s number and dials it on her landline.

After five rings, Emily picked up her cell phone and turns on her lamp. “Hello,” she said as she looked at the time.

“Ms. Shell, My name is Cindy Malone, and I'm with DCFS. How are you doing?”

“Oh. How can I help you?” Emily asked, wondering why she was being called at midnight.

“I just received a child and was wondering if I could place him with you until I can find something more permanent.”  

“If you had contacted me two days ago, I would have taken the child in without a problem, but I took a child in and don’t have any more room to take another child in.”

“I understand. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to talk to me.”

“I wish I could help you, but I filled the last bed I have and wouldn’t want the child sleeping on the floor,” Emily said, wanting to help every child in bad situations.

“I completely agree! Thanks for your time.”

“No problem! I hope you find somebody quickly to take him in.” Emily said, sincerely before hanging up.

All of a sudden, Scott comes walking into Cindy’s office. “Ms. Cindy, do you have anything to eat or drink?”

“I do, little one! Come with me.”

Cindy got up from the computer and guided Scott to the break room. “Sit down and I'll get you something,” Cindy said as she went to the refrigerator and Scott sat down at the rectangular orange table, with eight chairs around it.

Cindy went straight to the top shelf and shifted through some fruit and vegetables. She went to the very back and picked up a carton of chocolate milk and some jelly. She walked over to the counter to the left of the fridge and opened one of the cabinets above the countertop and took out a loaf of bread and a container of peanut butter. Cindy went to the end of the counter and opened a drawer and pulled out a couple of butter knives.

“Scott, where’s your daddy at?” Cindy asked, seeing if she could place him with a relative

“I don’t know what happened to my daddy. My mommy just said we were moving to Georgia to live with grandma, and that daddy wasn’t going to be coming with us.”

“Were you sad about that?” Cindy asked, wondering why Molly would just uproot their entire lives to move back home with her parents.

“Yeah, I wanted my daddy to come with us. He sometimes made mommy’s eyes darker.”

That explains why she moved to Georgia to be with her mom. She was running away from an abusive relationship. “Where is your grandma now?”

“She went to Heaven to be with papa,” Scott said, thinking about his last three years in Georgia.

“I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma and papa. Do you miss them?”

“I miss my grandma everyday!” Scott said, tearing up. He continued, “My mommy said my papa had cancer and went to Heaven before I was born.”

After making the sandwich, Cindy put it on a plate and took it and the chocolate milk to Scott, who was waiting impatiently for his next meal. As he started biting into his sandwich, Cindy said, “If you need anything else, just come and get me.”

“Thanks for the sandwich,” Scott said with a mouthful.

Cindy went back to her office and started searching for somebody else. The next person that she picked, and she dialed the phone number on file. “Hello,” The voice said aggravated that she was getting a phone call at three in the morning.

“Hello, can I speak to George Sipe?” Cindy asked.

“This is him,” he snarled.

“I'm sorry to be calling you so late, but I have a child that I need to place and I think you’ll be perfect to take in until we find a more permanent placement.”

“I'm not interested! In fact, take me off your placement list. I don’t want to keep getting phone calls at three in the morning. I have to be up for work at five and I haven’t been able to get a lot of sleep for weeks!” 

“I'm so sorry t-” George hung up the phone in midsentence.

Frustrated, she got back on her computer and continued her search for that perfect foster parent. She searched the database for two more hours before finding the right foster parent that had room to take Scott into their home.

“Hello, Trisha Alloway speaking.” Another voice said.

“Sorry to be calling you so late,” Cindy said, hoping they wouldn’t hang up on her like so many of the other callers that she tried calling. She continued, “My name is Cindy Malone and I'm with DCFS. I think I may have a child that I was hoping to place with you.”

“I would love to take another child in to hopefully change their life!” Trisha said, excitedly.

“When would be a good time to bring him over?”

“Whenever. I just got home from work and will be up for the next few hours to make sure my kids make it on the bus,” Trisha said, pouring a cup of coffee.

“I don’t see this in your file where you work the night shift. What do you do with your kids when you're working?”

My son watches them while I'm at work. He works and goes to school during the day and watches them at night. He has been approved to watch foster kids.”

Cindy looked at the computer and put her finger on the screen until she saw that Trisha’s 23-year-old son has indeed been approved to watch foster kids in her home. “I see that now! I have to do some things before we head out and then we’ll be on the way. We’re about an hour away.”

“See you soon, Cindy!” Trisha said, while in the spare bedroom, getting the room ready for Scott.

After Cindy arranged for Scott to meet with the new foster parent, she went into the breakroom to find Scott laying his head on the table. Cindy walked over to Scott and woke him up. When Scott opened his eyes, Cindy said, “Scott, it’s time to get up. I want you to meet somebody that I think you’ll like.”

Cindy would find out that the foster family wouldn’t work out and that she would be right back where she started, until she found some relatives that would take Scott in.


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