Author: Kelly Maree

Chapter 4
Part 4

Climbing up the walls into the roof, I crawled along the beams to the kitchen. There was a hole I could watch her through. This was going to be fun.

“Mama?” I taunted, making my voice higher. I watched her freeze.

“Why did you hit me?” I taunted, pushing the iron in my blood to my skin.

“Who’s there?” she shouted, panicking.

“Why did you hurt me, mama?” I asked, the metal duplicating.

“Go away!” she screamed, terrified and mad.

“Why did you starve me, Mama?”

“Stop it!” Her eyes began watering.

“Mama...why did you starve me?” I felt the metal moving.

“Go away!” she screamed, collapsing to her knees.

“Mama...mama...mama...mama...” I kept repeating. She was writhing, tears streaming beautifully down her face.

“Mama, why did you hate me? Why did you hate us? What did we do?” I kept up the barrage as the metal spread all over my body, wrapping around my limbs. It was sapping the metal from the nails, and boards were weakening.

“Stop it!” she begged, crumbled up on the floor.

“Mama,” I repeated.

“Stop it!”


“Stop it!”


“Stop it!”


“Stop it!”

“Mama!.” I mocked her tone, incapable of keeping up the act.

“Stop it!”

“Mama!” I began laughing. The roof was going to break under me soon.

“Stop it!”

“Mama, we hate you!” I snarled, the roof breaking below me. Curling as I landed, I looked up at her. The realisation turned her face from fear to pure hostility.


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