Author: Kelly Maree

Chapter 3
Part 3

Finally making it to the locked fence of the property of where I used to live, I saw the TV flickering in the loungeroom downstairs. Everywhere else was dark. Good. Turning my electrical charge inward, I began to manipulate my molecular vibration frequency as I leaned against the fence. Successfully managing to match the fence’s molecular frequency, I began to push my way into the yard. Lowering myself, I walked between the rows of plants she had in her front yard and up to the side of the house.

Time to have some fun.

Pressing my hand against the fuse box, I turned off every switch. A disgruntled noise came out of the room as I slunk back into the plants. The haggard saggy-skinned old hag came out, opened the box, flicked several switches, and then closed it and went back inside. I waited a good few minutes before doing it again, and as she came left the room, I snuck in. Forming a static bond of sorts, I climbed up the wall and hid above her shelves, burning the spiders and their webs away.

She came back in, unaware of my presence. Turning the TV back onto whatever she’s watching, I let her be for a little bit. Then she got a call.

“Hello?” she asked, picking up her mobile. Manipulating the frequency, I distorted the caller so it sounded disturbing. She panicked and dropped it. Evidently unsettles, she got up and headed upstairs.

Pushing myself up into the room where I used to sleep, I was glad the door was closed. Hearing her footsteps, I crawled to the door and looked under it. She was in the kitchen. The kettle was boiling. Coffee, hmm…

Turning it off, I smiled to myself. She looked at it and blinked twice, fear tensing her features. She turned it back on, and I decided to up the ante. I turned off the lights ans the kettle. Her breathe hitched, and she grabbed...something. Turning the light back on, she looked around, holding a knife.

“Enough!” she barked, terrified. Good. Time to change my tactic.

Focusing on the kettle, I pictured it changing into something else. The metal split and leaked the hot water everywhere, causing her to dodge sideways to prevent being burnt. Looking around, a wild look in her eyes, she looked like she was about to cry.

Focusing on the light, the cord around the cord unhooked itself and swung down, splitting like a banana. Swiping at her, it struck her cheek, making it bleed. She managed to grab it and rip it off the light.

This was so much fun!


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