Author: Kelly Maree

Chapter 1
Part 1

Sitting on my bed, I was frozen. This picture...
Tiny baby me on her lap. I was no longer than her thighs. Tubes going from my nose out to the side of us. The woman holding my tiny hands around her fingers, was my mother. Not that she deserved the title... Or did she?
"What...?" I whispered, my eyes stinging and my throat beginning to hurt.
"She actually cared at one point...?" I barely mananged to say. My heart hurt, there was PHYSICAL PAIN in my heart. I began shaking. Everything seemed frozen around me. Tears pricked at my eyes. I could feel my expression change but to what I couldn't tell you. The pain began spreading.
"She cared...?" I snarled, holding the photo in both hands, tears blinding my vision. I let out a shaky breath.
"She cared once..." I hissed, curling the photo in my hands. "When did that happen?" I asked the cold night air. My mind was frozen. There's no way she cared! I began shaking even more, curling up around the photo. Biting my inner cheeks, I tried to fight off the tears.
"She actually cared once..." the realisation just wouldn't go away.
"She cared," I snarled, biting onto my inner cheeks again.
"She doesn't care any more...she didn't..." I couldn't say it. Despite her not caring all my life, I couldn't say the simple words 'she didn't care'... Holding my head, the shock was turning into something else, something I didn't like.
"Even after all that, there's no way...She doesn't..." I was shaking severely now. Everything seemed to just fade away, and I could only register myself and this cursed photo.
"She didn't...she couldn't have, not after all she did..." Was this a panic attack?
"She didn't care!" I managed to get out, but something about it jusr felt so...wrong.
"This feels wrong! It shouldn't feel wrong saying this!" I could barely breathe. My vision was going fuzzy. "But it does!" The warm tears carved themselves down my face inside the agonising ball I was. Forcing myself to calm down slightly, I could let it all out – no-one else was home at the place I was staying since she kicked me out.
"She were supposed to be our guardian, our angel...but no. She didn't care. She neglected us! She abused us! You were supposed to care. She were supposed to love us. But she broke us instead. We didn't grow up under her, we merely survived – we were hollow shells that didn't care about ourselves, just like she didn't care about us. We weren't alive, but we weren't dead. She killed our souls, left us as husks of humans. SHE DIDN'T CARE!" I shouted, biting through the pieces of inner cheek I was biting on to prevent myself from crying. Uncurling, I opened my mouth slightly so I could breathe. Blood trickled out in the moonlight and I let that pain make me cry.
Soon, the pain in my chest began spreading all over my body, the sensation feeling like needles being dragged along my skin. For a split second, everything looked crystal clear.
Then my skin tore open.


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