A Girl Named Yellow
Author: Fox Wild

Chapter 1
Chapter 1 of 9

The rain that had insisted on persisting all day finally stopped.  I looked up from the ground I had been staring at and looked around.  How long had I been standing here, lost in though; lost in the past?


Only a few people looked to be around now.  Several were here for other reasons than what I was.  In the end though, were our ‘reasons’ all that different?  No one was near where I stood.  The few that had come this far, were long gone now.  I looked back to the ground in front of me; my mind took to walking through a thickening fog once again.  Time washed past me; my mind journeyed to a distant place, that wasn’t far away.


“Hey, I’ve never seen you here before.  Who are you kid?”  The girl with the golden locks abruptly said.


She looked about his age, slightly taller than he was, with more muscles, that was easy to see.  She was probably one of the local farm girls and thus, worked the farm just like her brothers.  The question he had in the front of his mind, would she be one of the local kids that picked on him, or the first to want to be his friend.  His family moved around a lot, so that meant he was always trying to make new friends.  This time though, another city wasn’t their destination, this was barely a village.


Castle Danger was a teaming metropolis of about 12,000 people.  The smallest city he’d lived in prior was 60,000.  This village was complete dink. 


“Hey!  You in there kid?”  The girl said.


He blinked hard.  Time to dance as his father would say.  “Yeah.  What?”


“You’re new here.”


“Yeah, so?”


“What’s your name?”


“David.  David Vetsoll.”


“Where’d you come from?”


“Lots of places.  Doesn’t matter.  Who’re you?”


She smiled large.  Her front two teeth were slightly large than the rest of her teeth and pulled your eyes to them; they stuck down from the line of teeth on either side; buck toothed, that’s what the term was for teeth like that.


“Yellow.”  She proclaimed as she stuck out her hand at David.


This was a good sign.  She acted mature, that meant she’d most likely become his only friend.  David put his hand in hers and they shook hands like adults did.  “Nice to meet you.”  They said together.


She looked over her left shoulder and held a hand loosely towards an area behind her.  “I’d avoid going over there.  McDaniel brothers and their rabble hang out there.  They’re asshole bullies.”  Dropping her arm she looked back to me.  “Come on, I’ll introduce you to some kids.  There’re cool.”


Turning to her right some she started off.  David held fast, looking off in the direction she looked to be heading towards.  After several steps she slowed her progress as she looked back, stopping when she saw he wasn’t moving.


“It’s alright Dave.  You can trust me.”


He looked blankly at her.


After a moment, she put a hand on her hip and sighed hard.  “Look at my face, my eyes.  Do these look like the eyes of someone that’d pull some kind of shit on you?”


They stood motionless staring at each other. 


“Fine.”  Yellow cachinnated.  “You can stay here alone, or, you can come with me and make some friends.  You choice Dave.”  She stated then turned from him and plodded off.


He watched her as she moved off.  Not fast, not slow, but clearly waiting for him to make up his mind.  Giving him his time.  He took a deep breath, held a moment, then slowly let it out.  His eyes moved past her.  He’d been here before; different places, same situation.  This gang of kids would be different.  Big city gangs didn’t have barns and combines. 


With a deep sigh, David moved a foot, picking it up, he looked at Yellow’s back, he let his eyes drop.  “She’s got a cute butt.”  He muttered to himself as he completed his first step.  After a half second of hesitation, he started slowly after her, picking up a little after a few steps so he’d catch up with her casually. 


“So what’s fun around here?”  He asked once he’d made it to her side.


Yellow shrugged.  “Depends.” 


“That’s an undergarment for old people.”  David chirped back.


She snorted.  “That’s original.”


They walked on in silence now.  The silence was awkward, they both fidgeted as they walked.  He knew this dance, she’d talk again soon, the girls always did.  Had it been a boy that had connected with him first, this would’ve lasted until the other boys were in sight.  It was only two minutes later and Yellow started talking again.


“Depends on what kind of things you like to do.  Comic books, video games, whatever.”  Now she looked at him.  “What do you think we do for fun?”


David chuckled to himself.  “I don’t know…”  Now he shrugged.  “Cow tipping?”  He replied as he looked to her.


“HA!”  She ejected loudly.  “Shit dude, there ain’t a cow around here; shit, you’d have to drive 20… maybe 50 miles to find a cow.”  She loosely flipped a hand onto his arm.  “This is corn-field-county-USA; we make the feed for the dairy and beef farmers here.  If you ain’t growing corn, you’re working at the factories.  Some do both.”


David made a wry face.  “Wonderful.  Place sounds just so…”  He started with snide undertones.  “ …inbred.” 


“Fuck you, asshole.”  Yellow seethed then started off at a fast pace, distancing herself from him.


He waited a few seconds.  “Hey!”  He yelled to her back.  She stopped, hesitated a second then turned around and faced him; he waited until he was a couple feet from her.  “That wasn’t against you.”  He looked down to his feet, then to her eyes again.  “People have…”  He looked off towards where she’d said to stay away from, held a second then back to her.  “I haven’t had the warmest welcome.”  He’d played this well, he could see that in her eyes.


Yellow’s eyes drifted over to where the McDaniel brothers turf was, she nodded ever so slightly as the implication that I’d had a rough interaction with her arch nemesis.  Use all available information to your advantage, my father’s teachings.  I had never met any of the McDaniel brothers, but she didn’t need to know that.


“Come on Dave, they’ll be out soon.  We don’t want to be here then.”  She said then grabbed his arm to move him along.


He jerked his arm from her hand.  “David, my name’s David, not Dave.”  He informed her as he started moving after her.  He wanted to see her butt when she ran, so he lagged behind a step or three.


They crossed the small field they had met in; there was a small dirt path that went thru a grove of trees.  The two went into the trees, they were out of sight of the field now; specifically the McDaniel’s and crew wouldn’t be able to see them.  They hustled along the path for a good five minutes; he tried to remember the way as they went along, remembering paths they passed by.  This was nuts; he was at her mercy out here in the woods.


“Here we are.”  Yellow informed him. 


He looked around, he didn’t see anything other than trees and more path.  Birds were singing, he looked around again, Yellow was moving again, he followed down the path that went over a small ridge.  She turned around, he did as well.  There, buried into the side of the ridge, a door.  It made him think of a door on a post office.  The grey color, style, the way it was set into what looked like concrete, he had no real reason to think it looked like it came from a post office other than the fact, he thought of a post office door when he looked at it.


Yellow reached forward and unlocked the door, then pulled it open, stepped in and held the door open for him.  He walked into the underground room.  Yellow closed the door and locked it behind them then turned on a light switch.  There were stairs that wend down then turned.  She led the way down.


“This is a bunker.  The man that owned the property before my dad bought it built it; he was preparing for nuclear war.  He worked for the post office and salvaged a lot of stuff from old post offices.”  Yellow explained.


“And your dad just lets you come in here?”  David questioned with suspicion.


They’d hit the bottom of the stairs now and she opened a door.  After a glance at him she headed through the door, he followed fast on her heels.  They were in a room.  It was maybe 10 foot by 15, 20 possibly.


“My dad saw this room, gave it his typical snort, then said he’d give it to his daughter for her club house.”  She smirked, then moved to a bookshelf. 


He heard a click, then the bookshelf moved.  Behind the bookshelf, a hidden stairwell.  “I changed the lock so my dad’s key doesn’t work.  It’s our secret bunker.  Keep it that way.”  Yellow said then started down the stairs.


If he were to be honest, this had him intrigued presently.  Secret bunker, he liked that idea.


“There are 18 rooms down here.  Some of them are storerooms that are filled with freeze dried military food; keep forever.  Self contained water and sewer system.  The guy didn’t cut any corners.  You could live out the zombie apocalypse in here.”


“Wow.  How big is this secret club of yours?”  He inquired. 


“Well, are you officially joining?”


David shrugged.  “You asking me to join?”


“Yeah, thought that was obvious.”


“Okay, yeah, I’ll join.”


Yellow smirked.  “Then our official membership is two.”  She informed him then moved off deeper into the bunker. 


David followed after her trying to keep up the best he could.  She darted into one room, he lost sight of her, then he saw the hole in the floor with a ladder down.  He took it.  Down here there were… bedrooms, and a hot tub!


“Living quarters.  Before he worked for the post office, he was in the military.  He built a lot of bunkers for important people I guess.”  She smirked again.


“Nice.”  David stopped looking around and focused on Yellow.  “So… why is it just you in your club?  What’s the deal, so you’re not really from here?”


Yellow looked off.  “No.  We moved here when I was 10, so 4 years ago, almost.  Next week is our four year anniversary of moving here and my parents are making a big deal about it.  You smoke weed?”


His eyebrows shot up.  “What?!  NO!”


She smirked.  “Your loss.”  She returned then went into another room. 


He looked around.  If he had to guess, he’d say this was the room she claimed as ‘hers’.  It was decorated somewhat girly, if she were a tomboy that was into action movies and horror flicks.  This was either really cool, or… the reason there weren’t any other members of her club; did she eat them?


“I had another friend once, couple years ago, girl, she’d been here a few years before my family moved here.  Then her dad got promoted again and they moved west.”  Yellow looked sad now.


Trying to change the topic, and mood, David asked, “So what does your dad do?”


She snorted.  “Director of purchasing and shipping.  He makes a lot of money telling people what to buy, how much to pay, and shipping stuff to customers; and he never leaves his office.”  Yellow held a hand out towards him.  “Your turn, what’s your dad do?”


He sighed hard now.  If her dad worked at the company his father was here for, this would end badly.  There was also the possibility that just being what he was, in time, they’d become the pariah of the town. 


“He’s an efficiency expert.  He helps companies trim the fat.  Save money so they can stay in business.”  He tried to cover quickly and sound less harsh than what most people would take what he did.


“Oh, yeah, trim the fat, fire people, that’s the fat that gets trimmed, people.”  Yellow retorted.  Great, he knew what would follow now.


David looked for the exit, it was time to leave.  Which door had they come in?  There were two he could see in this room.  One was probably a closet, the other, the way out.  Which was which?  He took in the room.  The one with the clothes piled around it had to be the closet; he headed towards the other one, grabbed the knob and turned it.


“Where are you going?”  Yellow asked.


“Leaving.”  David said then pulled the door open and stepped forward.


“That’s a closet.  Why are you leaving?”


“Because it’s time to leave.”  He said then headed for the other door.


“That’s not a door out either.  Why is it time to leave?  Because your old man is an axe man?  Please.  My dad is the one that tells everyone ‘no’ for a living.  I know how people are.”  She held his gaze.


Not knowing where ‘out’ was, David held where he was and locked eyes with his apparent adversary.  What was her plan now; was he going to get jumped by her other friends now?  Is that how this worked?  He heard no other sounds, nothing that indicated there was anyone here besides the two of them.  Time crawled by.  It was clear she was waiting on David.


He shuffled his feet as he continued to look her in the eyes.  “Yeah, well, my dad’s the one that gets people axed; recommends doing away with their jobs.  Not the same as telling people no.”  He argued.


Yellow scoffed.  “Why do you think people like your dad come to places?”  She held a moment, giving him time to consider his response, but not long enough to give him time to reply.  “My dad controls all the purchasing, knows all the expenditures for the place and what income is from what’s shipped out.  He’s the one that recommends bringing in someone to cut costs; that’s part of his job too, cost management.”


“So, my dad fires the people.  Your dad doesn’t.”  His argument felt weak, he’d never been in this fight before.


“Yeah he does.  If your dad recommends someone’s job be eliminated, my dad has to approve that recommendation.  So he’s as guilty of firing people as your dad.  More-so even, since your dad can’t actually fire anyone, and my dad requested your dad to come.”  Yellow countered.


David had nothing to say to what she’d reasoned out.  He didn’t know the exact means to which his father did his job; if he actually fired the people or not.  He’d never been friends with someone who’s dad was an executive with the company his father was reviewing.  Usually the kids he came in contact with were the ones whose fathers and family were axed because of his father.  Thus, he was never popular in the schools he was bounced in and out of.  That was the one upside, sort-of, he never had to stay at a school long, so he’d escape the bullies when they moved; for a while anyways.


“Of course, that only matters if your dad is working at my dads company.”  Yellow said breaking the silence.


That was a valid point.  All this worry was pointless if his dad wasn’t at her father’s company.  Would be even if he was, in all honesty.  Once people started getting terminated, he’d be the target of the bullies again.


He shrugged now.  “Doesn’t matter anyways.”  He looked around the room with disinterest.  “You said something about meeting other kids, then you tell me you and me are the only ones in your little club.”  He looked her hard in the eyes now.  “So how much of what you’ve told me is bullshit lies, and what’s the truth?”


Yellow swankered a bit in her stance.  “The other kids aren’t part of my club; they’re just, the other… um… well, the other outsiders, like us.”  She shuffled her feet nervously.  Her eyes danced for a second.  “I just… I… um, I don’t… exactly… ah, trust them.”


David felt his eyes locked on her; he couldn’t look away for some reason.  He thought he should say something; he couldn’t think of anything and when he tried to say anything, he couldn’t talk.  She was looking at him, like she expected him to respond.  Her face was starting to redden.


“Ah, um… so then like, ah… have any of them… like, you know, ah… been in here?”  David stumbled out trying to fill the awkward space; the way he moved his hands around only made things more awkward he felt, so he stopped moving.


Shaking her head quickly for a second Yellow replied, “No, you’re the first actually.”  Her voice was rushed.  “Something about you…” she shrugged, “I just felt like I could trust you; like I was supposed to be your friend.”


David chortled.  “You’re weird.”


Her left eyebrow raised.  “Oh?  And what’s so bad about being weird?”  She defended, then her thoughts changed direction.  “How am I weird?  I’m not weird, you’re weird!”


“I didn’t say you were bad weird, just…” David clicked his cheek as he looked away, trying to avoid her gaze, “… it’s like the second you think something, you say it; no matter how crazy.”


Her face popped large with expression.  “Oh!  So now I’m crazy, am I?”  Yellow exclaimed harshly in a hard meter as she moved in a step closer to David.


His eyes were worried.  “I… I- I… I- …I, I didn’t… I, please, I…”  David stammered; eventually, from leaning back away from Yellow so much, he had to take a step back.  He stammered on again, then Yellow… she… she started laughing, wonderful, his fear amused her.


“Ha, ha, haha, oh, please, that was too good.  The look on your face David…” she held up her hands near her face with a whimsical expression as she looked off into nothing, “priceless.”  Dropping her hands she snorted as she sniggered as she looked at him directly.


Okay, this was supposed to be funny, he though to himself; her attempt at humor.


“Can you show me how to get out?  I really should be getting home.”  David requested as politely as he could.  Time to get back to escaping this crazy chick.


Yellow’s body seemed to wilt in stature, some of the happy left her as well.  She was simply staring blankly at him, a look he though she held often when facing people.  Somehow, he’d made his way into her ‘everyone else’ pile for people.  He probably wouldn’t be invited back to her ‘inner sanctum’ ever again.  He was alright with that.  Out of this place was all he wanted now.


“Fine.”  Yellow replied.


She moved to the closet he’d almost walked into the first time he tried to leave.  He heard what sounded like snaps, then the clink of a metal handle.  A second after that, Yellow slide the closet to her left.  The closet was now a hall passage out.  When she tried to let him take the lead out into the hallway, he held back and insisted she go first.  That was smart, wasn’t it?




They were nearing the top of the bunker; they were at the bottom of the stairs that led to the first room, with the door out.  David exhaled a sigh of relief.  Now he just needed to get back to the park and the path home.


“I’ll introduce you to the other kids I promised too.”  Yellow informed him as he put his foot on the first step up.


He hadn’t been looking at her butt like he had at first, now when he looked up towards her voice, he looked right at her butt.  He quickly looked for her face.  She was lightly smiling.  Was she glad she caught him looking at her butt?  That would depend on the type of girl she was.  Crazy, that’s what type of girl she was.


“Just take me back to the park; I want to go home.”  David said firmly.


Yellow started back up the stairs again.  “I wouldn’t recommend going back to the park right now.  The brothers grim control it now.”  She paused in her ascent and looked back at him.  “If you really want to risk it, I’ll show you the path you take, but if you’re going to the park, you’re on your own.”


Great, the brothers grim.  She’d warned him about these boys; what did she say their name was, Mc-something he thought.  What if that was more of her bullshit?  No.  There was always the group of bullies, and the park seemed like the perfect place for them to hang out.  He’d have to trust her.


He shook his head.  “Just get me home safe.  I’ll trust you that far.”


She smiled lightly again, a bit more pleased, either because he was trusting her, or because her plan was working.  He was at her mercy.  Hopefully this wouldn’t turn into a shit-sandwich, again.  Yellow started up the stairs again; reluctantly, David followed after her.


They were outside now.  Yellow was leading him along a narrow dirt path, deeper into the woods.  Along the way they’d been traveling, there were no other side paths, only the one they were on.  David wasn’t sure how long they’d been walking now.  The sky was showing signs of dusk approaching.  He could see what looked to be a clearing in the woods up ahead.


“Jennifer Doogan stutters, she’s really self-conscious about it so, don’t stare at her when she talks, or make fun of her.”  Yellow informed him as they continued along.  “Mike Branson has a glass eye.  Just look at the eye on his right as you’re looking at him.  Don’t let him creep you out.  He likes to do that to people.”


They were to the edge of the clearing now.  He could see an old weathered and dilapidated building in the center of the clearing; there was an old sign made of boards shoved off into the thicket of scrub brush on one side of the path by the clearing.  “Castle Danger Lakes Community Recreation Center” was engraved into the boards with most of the white paint that had been in the letters missing.  When he looked forward, Yellow was watching him.


“This used to be the community center.  This is Danger Lake.”  Yellow pointed off in another direction away from the building.  “Castle Lake is over there.”  She dropped her arm and looked back at him as she walked on.  “The original town of Castle Danger used to be a lot closer to the two lakes.  It was a major town back in the days of the fur trade.  In the 1950’s the first real highway was put in.  Castle Danger was barely two blocks wide, but it was seven miles long.  The town grew around the new highway, the rest died out.  Only thing left out here now is the old rec-center.  Now it’s our club house.”


They were about halfway to the building now.  David had relaxed a little, this was looking to be ‘tame’ now; he had taken to watching Yellow’s butt again.  He was pondering to himself how not too long ago, he’d have cared less about a girl’s butt; now, he looked all the time.  Both his mom and dad had talked to him about ‘changes’ he was going through; how he’d look at girls differently, have strange feelings for them.  At first he’d thought they were full of bull-tweet.  Puberty wasn’t going to change how he felt about girls.  That fall when school started, he remembered sitting next to Hildie, how nice she smelt.  He shook his head, there were voices.


“… it’s me doofass.”  Yellow was saying to someone.


David looked around quick.  He couldn’t see anyone.


“Who’s that with you Yellow?  Ain’t never seen him before.”  A boy’s voice called out from someplace ahead of them.


David looked hard at where he though the voice came from.  Nothing.  Not even a branch moving.  He felt his shoulder being nudged.


“Hey…”  He looked at Yellow.  “Introduce yourself.”


He looked towards where the voice had come from.  “Ah… hi.  Um, I’m David.”  He glanced at Yellow for a second.  “Ah… yeah, um, David Vetsoll.  My family just moved here, a week ago.”


“He sounds like a dork.  Are you a dork Dave?”  Another voice called out.


“My name is David, not Dave, okay?  And I’m not a dork.”  David called back.


“What do you do?”  The first voice asked.


David felt confused now.  “What?  What do I do?  I…” he looked over at Yellow, she was staring off blank faced and offered no help, he looked back towards the voice.  “I don’t understand the question.  What do you mean what do I do?”


“He is a bit daft, isn’t he.”  A third voice said.


Yellow sighed hard.  “Rocks!  Geeze.”  She looked at David.  “What do you do, what are you into?”  She held up a bent arm bent at the wrist with an open palm up towards him.  “Sports, know every players stats?  Dumb shit like that?  Video games?  Fishing?  Gay, straight, curious, trans-gender?”


David made a horrified face.  “What?!  Gross!  I like girls… like you.”  His face started to turn red.  “I mean… you’re a girl.  I wasn’t… I, um.”  There was some laughing from the woods around them.  “Video games, I like those.  I have an X-Box and I play on my computer.”


“Chutes and Ladders doesn’t count as video games.”  A yet fourth voice called out, a girl’s voice this time.


Yellow huffed and put both hands on her hips.  “Lutz, god damn it!  All of you!  Stop being assholes already.  He’s cool, he’s with me, so… you know, let’s not throw him to the wolves.”


“Yeah, he doesn’t look like a jock.  McDaniel’s would eat him for lunch.”  The first boy’s voice said; a second later, a rather plump boy, a good six foot tall, emerged from the tree line.  The large boy walked right up to David, then stuck out his hand.  “Brando, what these guys call me, or Rocks now, I guess, Mike Branson, I’m sure Yellow told you ‘bout my glass eye by now.  You’ve know her more than ten seconds.”  He ended with a laugh.


David laughed nervously as he shook Mike’s hand.  “She may… ah… have, in passing… I, ah, wasn’t paying attention.”  His face became puzzled.  “Rocks?  Why Rocks, why now?  I don’t get it.”


Rocks shrugged while snickering rattled through the area.  “’Cuz I’m into archeology.  I collect, um… rocks.  Found a geode once.”


“Cool.”  David smiled.


With a quick glance at Yellow, Rocks dug a little, as he considered Yellow.  “So… what all did Yellow tell you about us anyways?”  A faint scoff came from her as she crossed her arms and looked away.


Now it was David’s turn to get red in the face.  “Ah… well, she… ah…”  Now he glanced over at Yellow.  “Honestly, I didn’t listen much, was lost in though I guess.”


Yellow elbowed David rather hard.


“Hey!”  He ejected, then chuckled.  “Awkward, you know.”


She smiled at him, then looked at Mike.  “So, let’s show our new friend around.”


Mike held out his arm towards the old community recreation building.  As the three of them started for the building, more kids came from the woods; one came from the building, opening the door as he came out.  He’d been watching from the inside, most likely keeping the door locked.  How many others were inside?


As it turned out, there was only one other person inside the building, the sister of the boy that had been inside, and she was in a power wheelchair.  Her name was Lindsey Fishtrap; her brother was Jason.  In time David would learn both Fishtrap kids were destined for MIT.  For now, the introductions and the getting acquainted would take center stage.




Inside the ‘club house’ wasn’t as bad as David had expected.  The other kids had cleaned it up and fixed leaks in the roof and broken windows.  Yellow explained there was an old carpet cleaner left behind and it still worked, so they had clean carpets.


“Some of the flooring was totally shot.  Mold, animals, shit like that.  We scavenged a lot of stuff from construction sites.  Remods, took the old carpet.  People move in an out a lot and always want to change shit when they move in.  Some of the carpet we got wasn’t over two years old.  Perfect, yah know.”


David give Yellow a loose smile.  “Cool, I mean, yeah, this is awesome; and no one ever comes out here?”


Yellow shook her head sending her sunshine locks flowing around her.  “Nope.  Everything is grown over towards town.  Only access is through my family’s land.  180 acres.  That’s why there’s gates and no trespassing signs.  City abated it, my dad bought it after we moved here.”  She looked off.  “Been a while now.  We’ll probably move soon.  My dad is always moving.”


Looking around as Yellow talked, a question came to mind.  “How did you get power out here?  I mean, you’re in the middle of the woods, and town is miles from here now.  Your dad didn’t run power out here, did he?”  He asked, ending with his focus on Yellow.


“That’d be Ricktor’s work.”  Brando stated as he walked up to where they were, carrying a glass bottle in one hand, two in the other.  He handed one to him and another to Yellow.  “He’s our resident mad scientist.  That boy is either going to be a criminal mastermind, or the head of NASA.”  He ended with a large chuckle.


David and Yellow laughed along.


“Yeah, Ricktor found a mainline from the power company.  They just ran it through the shortest route, which happens to be not too far from here.  He found their underground vault for the transfer service, ran a line in and tapped in where he wanted to.  Poof, we’ve got power.  And it looks pro enough, the power company even fixed our patch when the vault flooded last year.”  Brando smiled large.


“Cool.”  David looked around.  He’d met everyone now, except this Ricktor.  Everyone had mentioned him.  “So, ah… where is, um, Ricktor at anyways?”


Brando cleared his throat and looked down to his feet.  David looked over at him and after a few seconds, he stood, then walked off, leaving David alone with Yellow.  Now he looked at his feet.  Silence lingered on for several minutes.  Yellow finally mustered what she needed in order to talk about Ricktor.


“He’s in the hospital, again.”  She said with a choked voice.  “Something he was born with, not aids or anything, he won’t talk about it.  Every once in a while, he has to go into the hospital for treatments.  They make him really sick.”  She took a breath and looked off.  “When he first gets out, first week or so, he won’t leave his bedroom, if he’s well enough, his mom will let him have visitors.  This is the third time he’s gone in since I’ve lived here.”


David was lost.  “So, like… he goes to the hospital, then he’s fine, right?  I mean… he’s good for a while then?”


Yellow shrugged.  “Depends on what he’s got.  Everyone suspects it’s leukemia, but, I don’t know, there’s so many things it could be.  Leukemia is just the easiest explanation.”


“Occum’s razor.”  David muttered.


Yellow raised an eyebrow as she looked his face over now.  “My, aren’t we the little geek.”


With a shrug David responded, “What?  The simplest explanation is the most probable.  Occum’s razor.  How does that make me a geek?  Because I paid attention in class?”


“Exactly.  Only geeks pay attention in class.  Relax, you among friends; geeks everyone of us.”  Yellow affirmed.




And so, this began David’s journey with the misfits of Castle Danger.  He and Yellow became fast friends.  He was friends with the others as well, but always kept them at arms length.  It would only be a matter of time, and his father would be relocating to another city for another job. 


This is how David maintained himself, always waiting for the shoe to drop, his dad to walk in and announce, ‘time to get packing, we’re going to Omaha’ or some other hell-hole of a city.  One time, the house the company provided them with, was half a block from the city dump, and the winds were not kind.  As his dad often said, his asshole never unclenched; that was until midway thru the fifth month of his time here in Castle Danger.


His father was offered a job with the company he was here to work with.  The new idea was to restructure, increase productivity and keep as many people as possible.  A softer, gentler way.  The company is owned by the company David’s father works for, and they want him to stay on full time, replacing Yellow’s dad.


This isn’t a bad thing.  Yellow’s dad is being promoted to plant manager.  Company growth turned into expansion.  New plants, new opportunities and more personnel required.  Everybody moves up, and David’s dad finally gets a permanent job without moving.  Everybody wins, everybody’s happy.




Except Yellow.


“Can you believe this crap!”  She screamed.


David flopped his hands near his waist.  “I don’t know Yellow, maybe it won’t be so bad.  You’ll be back on weekends, right?”


“Cornwall School for Girls!”  Yellow tossed the pamphlet for the private school into the room.  “No damn way in hell I’m going to no private school for girls.  No damn way, you hear me?”


“Yeah, well, don’t feel too sorry for yourself.”  David said, then pulled out his own pamphlet.  “My dad’s second in command there now.  I get the same sentence, different campus.”  He held out the pamphlet, on it was printed ‘Cornwall School for Boys’.


That all seemed so long ago now.  It was, many years had passed since then.  Yellow managed to get kicked out of the Cornwall School for Girls, and sent to another girls school.  The Tri-County Correctional School for Girls.  She was there for a month, then allowed to return to Cornwall.  She never caused trouble at school again; she graduated with honors.




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