Author: Kelly Maree

Chapter 7
Deals, Feathers, and Help


Cleaning up a patient’s mucous, I saw the adorkable repeat customer walk in with an egg.


“Why are you so interested in the eggs…?” I had to ask as I took the coin pouch to put it with the others. That’s the second egg he’s bought.


“I like collecting strange things...” Seems harmless enough… “...and what could be stranger than a harpy’s egg?” I froze.


“You weren’t supposed to see,” I hissed quietly, darting past him to close the tent door.


“Lindsefarne wouldn’t take too kindly to knowing a monster is the thing treating their sickly...” he intoned, not losing the adorkable demeanour. I tensed up, feeling the spikes pushing themselves out on my arms.


“Don’t tell anyone!” I hissed, feeling the feathers forming.


“Don’t worry – I won’t. The town has enough to deal with – all the sick folk,” he smiled. I relaxed, sitting down. Phew… “Can I watch you lay an egg?” I squeaked. Did he even think about that question?!


“Uh...I’ll let you know…?” I could only respond. His response? Laugh at my reaction. I regained my composure slowly.


“You really are one strange individual...” I told him, feeling my face burning.


“Oh, before I forget...you might want this,” he said as he took a dark feather out of his pocket. Tilting my head slightly, I took it.


“Thank you…?” I smiled, looking at it as he left, cheery, with an egg. It was too big to be a normal bird feather. It was definitely a harpy feather. This dark blue-green, almost black, colour… I knew who it belonged to.


Which meant that the other large bird they saw… was him. Why does he never leave me alone?! I seethed.


Walking into the hotel, I saw a large woman standing at the front counter.


“You’re a useless boy, you know that?! You can’t even do your damn job right!” she hissed at him. Raising a hand, she was gonna hit him. The blow hit, but it didn’t hit him.


I blocked the way.


Her hand curled around my forearm, and she spat at me instead of the counterboy.


“The hell do you think you’re doing?! This doesn’t concern you!”


“On the contrary...” I replied, “...it does. I treated him earlier today. I will not let you attack one of my patients, you bin bag full of yoghurt!” I snarled, swiping her hand away.


The patrons were surprised. The trio of children watched this whole thing. The girl was even crying. This woman’s ugly black clothes really didn’t suit her.


I felt amazing.


“Leave him to do his job and go crawl back into whatever hovel you came out of, you hideous, blubbery troll...” I told her directly to her face. She went redder than a tomato and stormed off.


“Are you alright?” I asked the counterboy at the same time some of the other patrons asked me.


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