Author: Kelly Maree

Chapter 5


Walking past the tent, I noticed a box outside and crouched to read it.


“Mystery Eggs, of unknown origin. For sale! 50 gold’...” Getting up, I decided to pick one up. It was unexpectedly heavy, and about half the length of my forearm, and slightly thicker. It was unexpected, it was strange...and it was mine.


“Avia, was it?” I opened the tent door. She looked up slightly as she injected a child, one of the cook’s trio, with a bright green translucent liquid.


“Yes?” she said as she stood up to grab the bandage for they boy’s arm. He sat patiently and hopped up when she was done.


“Thanks, marshmallow owl!” he chirped as he ran by me to go join his friends.


“Marshmallow owl? They usually insult people,” I noted, smirking. I noticed a needle with black liquid inside it.


“I’ll pay double for this oddity!” I declared, handing her a pouch of gold. After a second, she took the pouch from me, putting it in a lockable box behind her.


“Did I see you last night?” she asked, turning back to me.


“No,” I lied casually.


“Uh huh,” she replied, her tone sarcastic. “Enjoy the egg,” she chirped, walking past me and leaving the tent. I also left.


I may or may not have stolen the syringe.



What a strange person…wanting to pay double for it, I thought to myself as I packed up.


“Eggs are quite the little side profit,” I told myself on my way back to the hotel.. He was strange, sure, but… also adorable. I felt myself smiling. I also noticed the petrification syringe missing. If I’ve misplaced it again...


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