WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 10: Lucifer's Labyrinth
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 17




Once all the players involved in Lucifer’s game were gone, God closed up the swirling vortex portal to Hell, but the building continued to fall in a spectacular crash that wiped out three New York City blocks. The world’s apocalyptic scenarios were unpaused and for the next 33 years, the world plunged into unimaginable chaos until humans finally took the planet over again. Lucifer was never again involved.



Of the 19 who perished in or on the high rise, they were greeted by God and given 3 choices: rest in Heaven, return to their earthy dimension alive and well, or be reborn in a whole new existence without knowing anything of their previous life or where they came from. All chose Heaven’s rest, except three.



When the two doctors & FRANK vanished on the high rise’s side, each one found themselves in a room made of glowing white walls. Inside to meet them was a woman in a black pin-striped business suit. The woman told them that God was a busy essence, but has granted to give each of them one wish.

Dr. MENDELBAUM & Dr. LIQMASTER asked to be sent back to Earth 10 years in the past with all their knowledge of everything past and present, but together as a couple. FRANK said goodbye to the two women and they vanished softly to their wished existence after stating, “I better get a wedding invitation!”

Alone with the woman, FRANK said, “I don’t know what to ask for.” The woman responded, “Maybe this will help…,” and a door opened up from one of the white glowing walls. FRANK’s smile stretched from ear to ear as LIEUT. DAN walked through. When FRANK & LIEUT. DAN embraced in a huge hug and tearful kiss, the woman in the suit smiled as she watched the couple slowly and softly disappear. FRANK & LIEUT. DAN found themselves on a secluded island away from all of humanity and for the rest of their existence, they never struggled, fell out of love, and raised a family with seven kids.



When Balaam & Beezlebub were discovered during Lucifer’s game, they were sent back to Hell. God returned Astaroth to Hell when the contest was over, too, but God found the other two and had an announcement for the Minions.

“None of you three interfered in the game. Lucifer is not returning. Therefore, you three will control Hell.” From the moment God left to this very moment, Hell has become an endless battleground of wraths as the three demonic minions wage war supremacy for the throne.



When Lucifer was pulled up by God’s sunlight beam, Lucifer only heard these words in a lightless empty void, “Hell is no longer yours in that existence. I’m placing you in another dimension and you will be mortal. What you do with it is completely up to you. When you die, you will see me again.” Lucifer knew God’s voice anywhere.

In a blink of an eye, Lucifer’s eyes flashed and he found himself in a human body. Not possession, but intact, soul and all. The body was his as if born with it. It was a feeling that Lucifer never felt before in his life. He was…also an adult already, which felt off. As if awaking from a dream, Lucifer found himself wearing the clothing of a clown, he was surrounded by a crowd, and it was hot! Lucifer was watching a man play the Test-Your-Strength mallet game and he knew exactly where he was.



Choosing God’s option of ‘return to their earthy dimension alive and well’, they returned to Earth. Suddenly, EL PRESIDENTE saw a sign above them.

“Where in the hell are we!?” Dr. MUHAMMAD shouted angrily.  The two found themselves at a chain link fence gate entrance with a painted sign that said: ‘Strawberry County Carnival, All Welcome!’




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