WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 10: Lucifer's Labyrinth
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 16



The last four alive were all women and for a period of time, none of them moved nor spoke. Each one, holding a firearm in their right hand, was too terrified to act or react. The tilt of the building made it easy to stand and maintain balance, now that nothing was moving once again.

Also, once again, it was silent: no city sounds, no wind, no shattering glass or crumbling concrete. There was no steel structures groaning, no shouting, no wood breaking or snapping: the world was paused, mute, and everything hung in the balance with four women from three different places.

Everything came down to this moment.

BONES was deep in thought about who was going to aim their gun first. Dr. LIQMASTER couldn’t stop thinking about what happens after the choices they’re forced to make. FRANK was in a thousand yard stare, looking completely catatonic, but all three women jumped when Dr. MENDELBAUM reached up with her gun, pointed it under her chin, and pulled the trigger!


Then again.


“Well, he wasn’t lying. I called his bluff. We try to off ourselves and these things are useless,” Dr. MENDELBAUM said, shrugging her shoulders. Her facial expression was of one that somehow knew it wasn’t going to work.

BONES shouted, “Why Would You Do That?!” Dr. MENDELBAUM actually had a smirk on her face when she answered, “I used to play a lot of Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments in Vegas before I was a scientist. My winnings got me through college financially. Sometimes, you have to call a difficult bluff!”

“THAT’S IT!!” FRANK shouted with wide eyes of clarity. “Dr. MENDELBAUM, You’re A Genius!” BONES, Dr. LIQMASTER, & Dr. MENDELBAUM jumped in shock at FRANK’s sudden burst of acknowledgement. “This is all one big game of poker between God and Lucifer! We’re the cards and God dealt us out! After all the cards are dealt to the players and the cards are laid out on the table, the finale of the game all comes down to betting and bluffs!”

Dr. MENDELBAUM looked at FRANK oddly but understood the references. But both BONES & Dr. LIQMASTER questioned FRANK’s thinking saying, “I’m not following.”

FRANK explained, “Think back to God and Lucifer’s talk! Remember, God gave us knowledge of everything, right? Think! We know the stakes: current apocalypse or Lucifer’s apocalypse, a crap hand either way. We have to prove were self-destructive and what does Lucifer want exactly? He never said! All he wants is acknowledgement and what we as humans wrote: his destiny. God vs Lucifer, the mighty showdown. This Is It! This Is What Lucifer Wanted All Along: The Apocalypse Battle between him and God, and were the show! That’s why Lucifer won’t let us kill ourselves: it proves were self-destructive!”

After seconds of silence, BONES shouted angrily, “FRANK, You Are Completely Full Of Sh—!”


FRANK & Dr. LIQMASTER’s legs fell out from under them when Dr. MENDELBAUM’s gun went off. The bullet exited the gun, penetrated BONES’s left eye, and the splatter of blood and brains burst from the back of BONES’s skull!

The violent and ferocious howl of ripping anger erupted through the sky as the blue heavens above milked into a maddening black shroud. Dr. LIQMASTER then began howling a deep insane bark as BONES’s body began seizing.

As FRANK & Dr. MENDELBAUM reached and clung to one another, they watched a single beam of pure sunlight birth through the blackened sky and shine on BONES’s body and Dr. LIQMASTER. FRANK & Dr MENDELBAUM watched the power of God remove Lucifer from BONES’s corpse and Minion Astaroth from Dr. LIQMASTER. The two essences of evil were pulled upward, taking the sunlight beam with him.

Once everything was done, Dr. LIQMASTER stood on top of the skyscraper, realizing, “You Mean To Tell Me I Had A Minion In My Body This Whole Time!?”

Laughing, FRANK & Dr. MENDELBAUM stood up and ran over to Dr. LIQMASTER. FRANK looked at Dr. MENDELBAUM and asked, “How did you know?”

“I didn’t. I called your bluff and BONES was the first who disagreed with you!” The three women hugged, softly vanished, and the world’s chaos resumed.




R.I.P. X-Ray Tech BONES (13 votes out of 28) **Lucifer was discovered in BONES**

(3 characters remaining)

(1 minion remained unfound)

(Lucifer's was discovered 2 out of 2 times)


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