WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 10: Lucifer's Labyrinth
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 15
4 on the High Rise



Tipping over faster and faster toward the east and also descending downward into the expanding vortex gate to Hell itself that seems to continue to spread out, swallowing the streets and buildings of New York. Although there are no sounds of the city to assign other life in this realm of existence, the sounds of the crashing buildings, crumbling concrete, and shattering glass echoed loudly as New York fell to its doom. But, from deep inside the whirlpool doorway, fathom sounds of pure demonic evil roared alive!

LIEUT. DAN did his best to crawl to FRANK while trying to either keep his feet on the side of the building while keeping his grip. The building’s fall made Dr. MENDELBAUM, BONES, Dr. LIQMASTER, & FAILSAFE stability an almost impossibility. Like being on a rollercoaster, everyone was beginning to feel the zero G’s and the weightlessness as their bodies started to lift off the side of the high rise.

When LIEUT. DAN reached FRANK, FRANK was floating off the building and LIEUT. DAN was able to grab her in the air. When LIEUT. DAN grabbed her shirt, FRANK jerked to life and started flailing her arms like a spider screaming, “Let Me Go! Let Me Go!! I Know What’s Happening! Let Me Go!” in clear, but scared, English.

LIEUT. DAN, ignoring her screaming and shouting pulled her down to the side of the building to grasp.

“What Is She Screaming About Now!? We’re All About To Die!!” Dr. MENDELBAUM shouted at LIEUT. DAN.

“I Have To Agree! There’s No Way Out Of This! We’re All Doomed!” BONES agreed, shouting toward everyone.

“That’s The Point!” FRANK shouted back as loud as she could. “That’s How We Win: All Of Us Have To Perish At The Same Time! Everyone, All Of Us, At The Same Time!” The five stared at FRANK as if she lost her mind, even though Lucifer had just ejected out of her moments ago. “I Don’t Have Time To Explain; You Have To Trust Me! Everyone Has To Kick Off The Building At The Same Time!”

LIEUT. DAN instantly responded, “We Want This To Be Over Right Now, Right? I Say We Do As She Says!”

With little option, and littler time to debate, the six all clung to the building, curled down into a tight tense ball, and when FRANK shouted, “NOW!”, all six pushed off the building as hard as they could.

For three seconds, the building seemed to fall ever so rapidly below them as they hung in the air and just as the six began to descend to their inevitable deaths, the world froze, once again, for the last time. All six, completely conscious, realized what was happening and to their horror, they literally watched Lucifer materialize out of FAILSAFE and the expression on his face wasn’t of someone who was in a good mood.

“No, No, NO!” Lucifer, once again with his blood red skin, white suit, and firey eyes, began shouting in frustration. On the last ‘NO’, Lucifer, while walking on air, reached up, grabbed FAILSAFE’s head and chin, and twisted it around so hard, it spun around almost 360 degrees!

“You Cheating Little Bitch!” Lucifer swore, staring directly at FRANK. “I Warned You!” Lucifer warned, walking past the five alive, still suspended in the air motionless. “I Gave You A Way Out, But Nooooooo! You Want To Do Things The Hard Way!”

Lucifer walked on air past BONES and a few others, but stopped at LIEUT DAN. “I Told You That You Were Special And How To End This. And Now You Want To Sacrifice Everyone To Take Me Out Equally?! NO!” Lucifer reached up and grabbed LIEUT. DAN’s head, the same as FAILSAFE. “THIS…,” Lucifer shouted angrily, addressing LIEUT. DAN to FRANK, “…Is How I Told You To End This!” And with that last remark, LIEUT. DAN's life ended at the hands of Lucifer as his neck was snapped vigorously.

When LIEUT. DAN’s head spun around, everyone dead and alive fell to the building’s wall, several feet below, except for Lucifer, who hung in the air.

“Now! This Is Going To Go Down My Way! There Are Four Of You Left: BONES, Dr. LIQMASTER, Dr. MENDELBAUM, And You, You Cheating Pain In My Ass!” pointing at FRANK. “Two Of You Are Empty, One Has My Minion, And One Will Have Me!” Magically, a gun appeared in each of their hands. “This Will End My Way! Oh, And If You Try To Shoot Yourself, The Gun Won’t Fire!”

Lucifer disappeared, but roared one last command. “End This By Proving Me Right!”


R.I.P. Astronaut FAILSAFE (9 votes out of 31)

R.I.P. Hospital Visitor LIEUT. DAN (9 votes out of 31)

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(1 minion remaining)

(Lucifer's been discovered 1 out of 2 times)


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