WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 10: Lucifer's Labyrinth
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 14
6 in the High Rise



SILVERFOX, Dr. LIQMASTER, BONES, Dr. MENDELBAUM, & LIEUT. DAN were leaning down the window frame into the apartment where they watched two of their group fall to their deaths and it was then when the five saw it: the swirling vortex of hellfire and red darkness that mouthed the door to Hell. The five looked straight through the apartment and out the opposite windows and couldn’t believe what they were seeing, and also couldn’t fathom how none of them saw it before!

That’s when FRANK broke.

LIEUT. DAN immediately looked up and toward FRANK, who was to their right all alone and curled up in a ball. FRANK started screaming hysterically in her fetal position.

LIEUT. DAN immediately thought she was in pain and as he stood up at an angle to check on her, FRANK shouted out, for the first time in completely words, “Don’t Come Near Me!!” SILVERFOX was shouting for FAILSAFE, who was trapped in the apartment, to get back up when FRANK shouted. All five heads turned in her direction in shock!

“FRANK…I D—,” LIEUT. DAN tried to respond but FRANK cut him off!

“Lucifer Is In Me Right Now! I…I Can Feel Him! I Can Hold Him! You All Need To Go, NOW!” FRANK's voice was a bit muffed as she clenched in a ball, but shouted loud enough for all to hear. The building dropped a foot again and everyone lifted off the side of the building a foot, then tumbled back onto the side.

BONES shouted, “What In The Hell Are We Supposed To Go!? We’re On The Side Of A Falling Building! There Is Absolutely Nowhere To Run To!”


Inside the apartment, FAILSAFE was looking up at everyone and realized there was commotion up top.

FAILSAFE yelled, “What’s Going On!?” but no one responded, or couldn’t hear him. Instead of waiting, FAILSAFE began crawling up the floor, withering in pain from hitting the wall so hard, but crawled up the apartment floor anyway. The windows up top were better than the ones beside him! The angle of the floor was so slanted, FAILSAFE didn’t know if he was going to make it back up to the rest of the group. The building dropped a second time and the floor fell out from under FAILSAFE just for a brief moment.


Back up on the side of the high rise, Dr. MENDELBAUM yelled at LIEUT. DAN, “Shove Her Off! If She Has Lucifer And Knows It, All We Have To Do Is Kill Her And This Nightmare Is Over!”

LIEUT. DAN turned around and screamed, “No! And We Don’t Know If Lucifer Is Really In Her! She’s Scared; We All Are!” The building dropped again and the speed of the falling building rapidly increased! Everyone felt the last shift and the gravity of the high rise’s plunge to the side and downward motion! In less than 20 seconds, the building that has been their environment since Lucifer’s game began will be deep in the maelstrom.


That last building drop plunge was just enough for FAILSAFE to gain tread and a grip on the apartment floor. On all fours, FAILSAFE shot up the floor with all his might and upon reaching the window, FAILSAFE leaped at the window frame.

SILVERFOX screamed when FAILSAFE’s hand reached out of the apartment and grabbed the window frame. FAILSAFE’s hands partially gripped SILVERFOX’s arm, causing her to scream. The two astronauts helped one another from falling downward or backward. BONES helped SILVERFOX pull FAILSAFE out of the window and all seven survivors were now on the side of the building, awaiting the fates that awaited them.

The building fell faster and everyone reached down to hold onto the building, not knowing what to do next. Dr. MENDELBAUM helped FAILSAFE secure his hold but the instability caused SILVERFOX to lose her footing. SILVERFOX slightly lifted off the building, came back down hard, rolled along the building wall, and no one could help her as SILVERFOX descended down the back of the building until she tumbled out of view, eventually crashing into the foundation rubble of the skyscraper.

When the building reached a forty-five degree angle, the street under the skyscraper gave way into the Hell door whirlpool and began swallowing the building!

FRANK turned to everyone and shouted in Lucifer’s thunderous voice, “You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance!” FRANK collapsed on the side of the building as Lucifer left her body and LIEUT. DAN crawled over toward her.


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