WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 10: Lucifer's Labyrinth
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 12
9 in the High Rise



FRANK, looking around at the carnage back in play, couldn’t get the conversation she had just moments ago with Lucifer, and the ludicrous deal he made her. But was it really that crazy? Kill one to save all? But kill the one she has the strongest bond with and trusts with all her life? FRANK looked out from the fireplace at everyone and was forced to weight the pros and cons of what could be the end to it all.

HERBERT, in the air, landed on the outside wall of the skyscraper and immediately grabbed onto the window frame, screaming, “How Did I Get Out Here!?”

Dr. MENDELBAUM yelled back, “Are You Okay?!”

HERBERT, then able to think, shouted, “No, Wait! I Have An Idea,” and HERBERT reached down to Dr. MENDELBAUM, grabbing her hand. Without hesitating, Dr. MENDELBAUM began pulling herself up and out the window. BROCK helped Dr. MENDELBAUM with the climbing and understood HERBERT’s idea.

“Everyone!” Several looked up at BROCK & BONES’s window. “Everyone! Out The Window! Quickly!”

LIEUT. DAN looked at BROCK & BONES and knew what they were thinking. LIEUT. DAN leaned around the mantel, looked at FRANK, and extended a hand. For a few seconds, FRANK refused to reach out.

“Come On, I Know What They’re Doing! Trust Me!” and after another few seconds of hesitation, still balancing the pros and cons of her decision, FRANK finally smiled and reached out to LIEUT. DAN.

FALKOR, SILVERFOX, & FAILSAFE looked up toward the high end of the tilted room and saw X-Ray Tech BROCK lift BONES up and out the same window Dr. MENDELBAUM climbed out of.

“Are They Out Of Their Minds?!” SILVERFOX shouted in shock. “They’re Not Serious—,” and FAILSAFE cut her off.

“That’s Brilliant!” FAILSAFE exclaimed loudly. “Everyone, Out The Window! I’ll ge—,” but before FAILSAFE could finish saying ‘I’ll get Dr. LIQMASTER’, everyone heard a rumble, a scream, glass shatter, and then watched as the rest of the apartment furniture dump out of the apartment window. Like a sink drain, all the debris loose in the leaning apartment fell out of the window like hourglass sand. Dr. LIQMASTER rolled out of the way just in time, barely escaping her fate.

“I’ll Be There In Just A Minute!” she shouted.

FALKOR yelled to his colleagues, “I’ll Get Her! You Two, Get Out Their Window!” They both nodded.

As FRANK & LIEUT. DAN leaned against the tilt of the apartment to make it to the windows where everyone was exiting, FALKOR descended down the apartment’s slope toward Dr. LIQMASTER. FALKOR slid down the smooth flooring on the flatness of his shoes, and for a second FALKOR smiled, feeling like he was surfing; a hobby he now realizes he’ll never do again. The last of the debris fell out of the window as FALKOR hit the wall in between the two windows. Dr. LIQMASTER was only four feet from him, just an arm’s reach away.

“You Ready To Leave This Hellhole?” FALKOR loudly said with a hint of upbeat sarcasm. Dr. LIQMASTER nodded vigorously, but what FALKOR didn’t know is that Dr. LIQMASTER saw something that was judging the entire situation at hand: Dr. LIQMASTER saw FALKOR’s smile when he slid down the floor’s slope.

Why would anyone be smiling as this skyscraper is bending toward doom and everyone around them is perishing? There was only one reason.

FALKOR shouted, “Okay, Listen! We’re Going To Army Crawl Up The Floor Towards The Windows! No Standing!” Everyone felt a shift in the building and knew some floor far below just buckled. “We Have To Leave, Now!” FALKOR shouted, pushed off the wall, and fell to the floor.

Dr. LIQMASTER followed and immediately crawled to FALKOR.

No one heard Dr. LIQMASTER say, “Only Minions Smile At Death!” No one saw Dr. LIQMASTER pull FALKOR by the back of his shirt, making him lose balance, and plunge out the window.

Before reaching the window that had HERBERT’s hand sticking out of it, LIEUT. DAN looked at FRANK and said, in Lucifer’s dark sinister voice, “FALKOR death is on you. You should have taken the deal!” FRANK’s eyes widened as she realized she was almost tricked and saw Lucifer leave LIEUT. DAN’s body.


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