WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 10: Lucifer's Labyrinth
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 11
10 in the High Rise



Only a handful of the 11 saw it but HERBERT looked as if he was sucked out his open window. FAILSAFE & FALKOR saw it and immediately had flashbacks when they were in space. Dr. MENDELBAUM screamed and reached a handout to him but was blinded by the sun and sky. Beside her was X-Ray Tech’s BONES & BROCK who were clinging to the adjacent window. BROCK shouted at HERBERT something that no one clearly made out as BONES grabbed Dr. MENDELBAUM, thinking she was going to be yanked out, too.

That was when something happened that was a pure impossibility. Something that simply could never ever happen anywhere. Something that, at that moment, made absolutely no sense: everything came to a halt! The tilting building, the crashing furniture, the screaming people, the cracking of the building structures: everything paused, just like the world outside the skyscraper. Everything, except for FRANK. FRANK, hiding in the fireplace from debris and the dangers of the apartment, was the only thing moving.

FRANK raised her head up and cocked it to the side, making the angled room look even. BROCK, BONES, Dr. MENDELBAUM, and HERBERT’s left hand sticking through the window were to her left. To her right, Drs. PAIN & LIQMASTER were braced at their own windows. The three astronauts, SILVERFOX, FAILSAFE, & FALKOR, were holding onto the sink basins. FRANK leaned her head out the fireplace and looked around it to see LIEUT. DAN supporting himself on the side of the mantel. Everything around her paused.

“You are special, aren’t you?” a familiar voice echoed from the air. It was all around and it was the only sound, at this moment, in existence. Like a mirage coming into focus, standing and walking on air, a figure appeared wearing a clean, pressed white suit and was using a white stick cane. Jet black hair flowed from his head as if there was a breeze and his red tail seemed to float on air. The man’s red skin looked as if it was made of silk and it covered everything that wasn’t his suit.

“You know who I am, child,” and FRANK nodded hesitantly.

“Frank…!” FRANK responded. Lucifer giggled at her simple answer.

“No, no, no. You don’t need to do that here,” Lucifer said calmly. “Say what you mean, sweetheart.” FRANK didn’t respond verbally, only shook her head. Lucifer exhaled a dismissal sigh and said, “Your choice.”

Lucifer walked toward her and FRANK said, “Stop.” Lucifer stopped immediately and smiled.

“That’s more like it. I know why you only say your name for everything you speak, but that isn’t necessary here. I did all this for you, FRANK. Or should I call you by your real name: Fe—,” and FRANK put up a finger, cutting him off.

“I said, Stop!” FRANK barked. Lucifer put up his hands in obedience.

Lucifer said, “I’ve stopped his nonsense just for you. I have a proposition for you. You see, apparently, only you can see who I’m hiding inside. Unfortunately, you can’t see my remaining minion, but the fact you can see me is, well, against the rules. It’s not fair, and I think...,” Lucifer looked up at the angled ceiling with a snarky grin, “...I’ll blame God for that.”

Lucifer adjusted his position and sat down, floating on air. “Here’s the deal: somehow, you can see me. If I’m killed off, I lose and I don’t like to lose. I’m enjoying this game and I want it to continue. I have something to prove here! So…I’ll make you a one-time offer, right here, right now: You’re in love with LIEUT. DAN; everyone sees it. Everyone who’s died so far has gone to heaven. If you kill your precious LIEUT. DAN instead of singling me out, I’ll end this facade. If you don’t, things will only get worse for everyone else and you will be to blame.”

Lucifer began to fade out of view and evaporate into nothing, but FRANK heard him finish saying, “The decision is solely on you.”

A second later, the chaos of the apartment nightmare restarted and FRANK watched the pile of apartment furniture tumbled against Dr. PAIN & Dr. LIQMASTER. The debris pile was too heavy and several pieces of furniture crashed through a window, taking Dr. PAIN along with it to his fatal plunge.


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