WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 10: Lucifer's Labyrinth
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 10
11 in the High Rise



Nobody had any idea what was causing the building to lean but they all had an idea who was doing it. When LIEUT. DAN yelled, “I think we really pissed Lucifer off!”, without anyone saying anything, they all mentally agreed. They saw Lucifer hurl the swollen president guy, they saw Lucifer decimate the floor, and now they're experiencing a toppling building: all three acts of invisible yet enormous power!

As the X-Ray Tech's BROCK & BONES were holding onto the window frames, the force of gravity was pulling them back. Their view of New York City was beginning to turn into a viewing of the clouds and the sky. On the other end of the room, also at a window, Dr. PAIN & Dr. LIQMASTER were looking at the opposite. They were staring down their window, seeing a New York City intersection break apart, revealing a spiral one-way doorway to Hell.

LIEUT. DAN had a hold on FRANK as they ran toward the mantlepiece that hugged the display only fireplace. LIEUT. DAN cleared the fake wood and displays out of the fireplace and put FRANK inside. LIEUT. DAN stayed on the outside of the mantle for support.

Dr. MENDELBAUM & HERBERT had made it beside BROCK & BONES at the neighboring window when HERBERT shouted, "Open the windows! Grab the framework! This building is going to tilt more and our feet are going to end up dangling before the stress of the building will cause it to either snap or topple over!" Without hesitating, BROCK opened his as HERBERT was opening theirs. More loose items in the rich apartment were beginning to slide to the far end, crashing up against one another in a small, but growing, pile.

Inside the kitchen nook, astronauts SILVERFOX & FALKOR let go of the counters and grabbed the sink basins. They watched FAILSAFE & PHUKOV cling onto the island and could witness the marble countertop start to loosen. FALKOR swore to himself he watched it shift, which meant the glue wasn't holding under the building's tilted stress.

“PHUKOV, listen to me!” FAILSAFE shouted as PHUKOV looked up. "You have to move! The counter is sliding off! Walk around the island to the high end and we'll--," and at that second, the countertop gave way. Not just the countertop slid, but the foundation of the island folded in on itself, flattening with the pressure of the apartment's tilt like a house of cards. FAILSAFE spun around as soon as the counter shifted in his hands and grabbed the countertop behind him that hugged the sink.

FAILSAFE, FALKOR, & SILVERFOX watched the countertop on the kitchen island slide down and all three turned their heads as the 800-pound marble counter slate slid in PHUKOV's direction. FALKOR returned his head toward the view the second the slate hit the floor. FALKOR watched PHUKOV head pop like a tub of toothpaste when the tube is over-squeezed. PHUKOV's splattered remains were quickly covered over by the debris of the demolished kitchen island.

LIEUT. DAN shouted out to everyone, “What In The Hell Are We Supposed To Do?! There's No Way We Can Fight This!”

HERBERT scream an answer while the steel inside the building's structure groaned, “I Don't Think We're Ment To Survive This! Lucifer's Trying to Weed Us Out, Even If It Means Taking Himself Out!”

FAILSAFE shouted back, “One Of Us Is Lucifer, Right?! Lucifer Is Not Going To Simply Take Himself Out! Even In One Of Us, He'll Do Anything To Not Be Caught!” 

That was the moment all eyes turned to HERBERT, then to LIEUT. DAN. Both men have been extremely helpful during this entire ordeal. Immediately, LIEUT. DAN spoke up, loud enough for all to hear, "FRANK, Look At Me!" The building groaned again. "You Saw Lucifer The First Time! Am I Lucifer?! Do You See What You Saw Earlier!?"

Shaking her head frantically side to side, FRANK answered, "Frank! Frank!" Everyone heard her knew it meant, "No!" 

SILVERFOX protested loudly, "She's Infatuated With You! She Could Be Lying!" The glass from the upper panels began breaking and cracking as the wood structures around them began snapping. The room was going to buckle and the floor's angle started to make standing almost an impossibility.

FRANK, still inside the fireplace, turned to look at SILVERFOX, and SILVERFOX watched FRANK's eyes, even from across the room, grow large. FRANK pointed away from her and saw the firey eyes again! HERBERT spoke and Lucifer's voice echoed thunderously, "If You Knew That Girl, She's Never Lied In Her Life!" HERBERT was then whipped out of the window as if he was yanked out as Lucifer left his host to travel into another living person.


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