WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 10: Lucifer's Labyrinth
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 9
12 in the High Rise



Simultaneously, every felt the shifting of the building under their feet. It was slight at first, but easily recognizable. The skyscraper apartment high rise they currently all occupied was definitely tilting!

X-Ray BROCK & X-Ray BONES put their hands out onto the glass window they were standing at for an instant support. Even with their hands on the glass, they could feet the shift in the building. The pressure on their hands against the glass was increasing. Much longer, they both knew the glass would crack under the pressure.

FRANK immediately grabbed LIEUT. DAN’s arm and pulled him up to his feet. LIEUT. DAN could feel the tilting of the floor under his butt and his legs even before he stood up erect.

Dr. MENDELBAUM, still clutching the pipe in her hand that she used to bash Lucifer’s hosts head in, stood motionless, adjusting her stature to balance herself out. HERBERT rushed over to her, encouraging her to drop the pipe, and held her to help stabilize her as they ran toward the leaning end of the room.

Dr. MENDELBAUM kept repeating, “I’m so sorry, guys! I’m so sorry! I didn’t—,” but no one was truly listening to her apologies. Everyone was too focused on what to do about the rapidly leaning building!

Inside the kitchen nook, all four astronauts immediately grabbed onto the thick granite countertops, supporting themselves and watching everyone lean to the side. As SILVERFOX & FALKOR grabbed the counter near the sink against the wall, FAILSAFE & PHUKOV grabbed the countertop on the island.

A few of the kitchen counter items began to slide all in the same direction. Three glass containers containing various mixing ingredients shattered on the floor as FAILSAFE & PHUKOV could feel the granite counter top also began to shift.

“This isn’t going to hold us long,” FAILSAFE shouted as PHUKOV planted her feet.

At two bays of windows, on the opposite side of the room of BONES & BROCK, the three group doctors all embraced the walls and window frames. Dr. PAIN & Dr. LIQMASTER were clutching the sides of one window while Dr. FRIVOLOUS grabbed a window of her own, using one hand on each side of the frame. Unfortunately for their window view, they got to see what no one else could: the leaning direction of the building!

Moments ago, it was hard to see the side of the high rise looking down but now, it was too easy to see the street below, the side of the building, and there was something else. It was hard to make out at first, but Dr. PAIN finally figured it out. Dr. LIQMASTER was also looking at it, too, in shock!

As HERBERT & Dr. MENDELBAUM reached the furniture in the living room, X-Ray BONES shouted, “What the hell is happening?!”

LIEUT. DAN yelled back the answer, “I think we really pissed Lucifer off!”

Dr. MENDELBAUM screamed again, “I Didn’t Mean To! I Thought Killed Him Would End This!”

FAILSAFE responded, “Well, you had the right idea, but we have to find him twice for this to end!”

SILVERFOX shouted, “If we survive this, that is!” A series of groans interrupted the shouting and HERBERT knew exactly what it was as the furniture under his hands began to slide.

HERBERT shouted to Dr. MENDELBAUM, “Run toward BROCK & BONES! Now!” as the sofa, the largest piece of furniture, began to give way under the stress of the building. Each second brought the high rise to a new tilting angle!

Dr. PAIN & Dr. LIQMASTER was staring out the building, still in disbelief at what was happening on the New York street below.  The problem was, they were so in shock, they were unable to warn the others what they were seeing.

One more groan in the apartment gave way and the sofa slid down to the leaning wall. Dr. FRIVOLOUS tried angling herself in a better posture and used the glass to support herself, just for a second. That second was a second too long as the glass cracked under her hands.

Another second later, the sofa slammed into Dr. FRIVOLOUS, causing her to lose her balance and she crashed against the cracked glass. DR. PAIN & Dr. LIQMASTER then watched Dr. FRIVOLOUS fell out the window face first and descended to what they were staring at: a swirling, crumbling maelstrom to Hell!


R.I.P. Dr. FRIVOLOUS (8 votes out of 29) **Dr. FRIVOLOUS contained Beezlebub**

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