WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 10: Lucifer's Labyrinth
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 8
13 in the High Rise



The layout of this clean and shiny apartment was exactly laid out as the apartment they fell from, but this one was well up kept with exquisite taste. Many assumed someone extremely rich lived here recently. All of the separate groups talked amongst themselves; no one could hear any others talking.

X-Ray BROCK & BONES embraced one another by a window, seeing the bright sunshine but not the warmth, trying to get a look at the city through the clearest glass they’d ever seen.

“There’s got to be something we’re missing,” BROCK said. BONES held BROCK tight, afraid to lose him twice.

FRANK stayed at LIEUT. DAN’s side as he sat in a corner on the floor, still clearing his pounding head. FRANK was on the sofa when it crashed through the floor as LIEUT. DAN’s body hit the floor directly.

Dr. MENDELBAUM pulled HERBERT over to the foyer and that’s where Dr. MENDELBAUM told HERBERT, “I seriously owe you a life debt. You helped me get out from under the piano, just seconds before it crashed down flat.”

Near the clean kitchen area, astronauts SILVERFOX, FALKOR, FAILSAFE & PHUKOV collaborated and began discussing about what to do next. It was FALKOR who first recommended that they all leave together and leave the rest behind. FAILSAFE agreed with FALKOR.

PHOKOV told them in her best English, “We think like cosmonauts. They all are like caveman. If we smart, we leave. We be smart, not like all them.” SILVERFOX thought about their opinions and felt forced to agree with her colleagues.

Alone near another window, Dr. PAIN, Dr. FRIVOLOUS, & Dr. LIQMASTER grouped up and at first, the two looked at Dr. LIQMASTER, not trusting her for a second. Dr. LIQMASTER reassured that Lucifer had left her and she never felt his presence at all.

That was when Dr. LIQMASTER turn and loudly addressed everyone, “Listen, and let me say this while I still can. Yes, apparently, Lucifer was in me and caused the rupture the floor, causing us to fall. Maybe he was hoping to eliminate many of us, I don’t know. I didn’t even know Lucifer was in me!” Dr. LIQMASTER did her best to explain. “He’s in one of you all now. The last thing I remember upstairs was watching the fat guy’s body be thrown across the room and then, I awoke down here on the floor in the rubble. It’s like instantly blinking and suddenly, you’re ahead in time. When Lucifer is in you, you don’t know it. You don’t feel it. You don’t see it! You just blank out!”

LANCE laid back down on his back after helping with the rubble stacking. BECKY ended up walking back over toward LANCE after checking on HERBERT. HERBERT and LANCE were the last two in her original group at Crystal Falls.

As Dr. LIQMASTER began explaining what being possessed by Lucifer felt like, BECKY was sitting down and leaning over LANCE once again. The rips in his right pants leg were bad and the wounds behind him didn’t look any better.

BECKY looked apologetically at him and said, “LANCE, you’re hurt worse than it looks.” LANCE denied it by saying, “Naw, I’ve had worse,” and as LANCE sat up, he winced hard and grabbed his leg. BECKY made LANCE lay back down, once again placing her hand on his chest. BECKY could feel his heartbeat strongly as she said, “Stop and take a notch down. Okay? Let me help you.” Dr. LIQMASTER was just finishing her speech when FRANK looked over and saw BECKY lean down to kiss LANCE.

That’s when FRANK began frantically shouting and pointing, “Frank! Frank! Frank!”

LIEUT. DAN quickly looked over and saw what FRANK saw: BECKY’s eyes flashed a fiery red that glowed like circular red hot pokers.

LIEUT. DAN shouted alarmingly, “Lucifer’s got BECKY!” Just as LIEUT. DAN shouted, BECKY shoved her hand down LANCE’s chest til her hand slapped the floor. As LANCE instantly began choking and coughing up blood, Dr. MENDELBAUM came charging in with a large pipe and smashed the fitted end down onto the back of BECKY’s skull as hard as she could!

As LANCE exhaled his final gurgled breath, BECKY’s lungs did too.

At the second of BECKY’s last breath, the building shifted violently and a monstrously angry roar erupted from everywhere, “You found me once, but a second time will never happen!”

As Lucifer’s warning bellowed out, everyone alive felt the entire building lean!


R.I.P. Student LANCE (5 votes out of 30)

R.I.P. Student BECKY (5 votes out of 30) *Lucifer was dicovered in BECKY*

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