WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 10: Lucifer's Labyrinth
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 7
15 in the High Rise



When everyone reentered the world, they all awoken in depressive, dark, overrun, one room apartment suite, large enough to house over two hundred people. The floor was dirt and scuffed, the furniture outlived its prime, anything plumbing related was decrepit and rusted, and the air in the room was stale, dusty, and reeked of dried mold and dirt. All of the glass windows were filthy and fogged with dust.

But that apartment was not no longer their prison in this diabolical game of God and Lucifer’s. The players of Lucifer’s game now had a whole new prison of unforeseeable non-illusionary fates to survive against.  

Not a single person moved immediately. When the flooring of the apartment above gave way, due to the powers of Lucifer whom was occupying Dr. LIQMASTER, the confinements of the long forgotten apartment crashed into a place of white, shiny décor, expensive fixtures, modern day high class, and it was completely dirt and dust free.

Well, that is, until the filth fell into it.

The last to fall into the rubble was Dr. LIQMASTER as Lucifer left the confines of her body and jumped eagerly into another bodily host.

Floor boards, broken furniture, snapped plumbing pipes, entanglements of electrical wiring, and pounds of dust lay sprawl the sixteen living. X-Ray Tech BROCK was the first to move as he reached out blindly to feel for BONES.

Dr. PAIN & Dr. FRIVOLOUS also began showing signs of life as they slowly rolled to one side. Dr. LIQMASTER barely moved and then jerked awake snappily in recollection of Lucifer’s departure. She found herself on the verge of hyperventilating and overcame a tiny sense of pity for EL PRESIDENTE when Lucifer left his body. Instead of dwelling on it, Dr. LIQMASTER began assisting others.

After lifting the living room chair off himself, LIEUT. DAN looked around while lying down, searching for FRANK, whose feet were sticking out from under the toppled sofa. As LIEUT. DAN began clearing her entrapment, HERBERT getting up onto his knees, clearing the dirt-covered rubble for Dr. MENDELBAUM.

When LANCE began to stir, he felt a hand press against his chest that made him immediately want to cough. LANCE waved a hand over his mouth and when he opened his eyes, LANCE saw BECKY leaning over him.

“I thought you were dead,” BECKY said, smiling knowing she was wrong.

The four astronauts, whom all fell a top of one another, each began to move and stir like a pile of worms in a nestle of mud. As PHUKOV, awake enough of function, came to, FAILSAFE was checking on FALKOR.

SILVERFOX also came to recollection and was the slowest getting up on her side. None of them knew how long they were all lying in the rubble but that didn’t matter because as each one awoke more, their bodily pains began to come to fruition. It seemed everyone began to wince and ache all at the same time, each one with their own areas of pain.

While rubbing her shoulder, SILVERFOX started to say, “Hey, where’s that flabby fuc—,” and SILVERFOX cut herself off when she looked up at the gaping hole above everyone.

Several were looking in SILVERFOX’s direction when she spoke. When they saw SILVERFOX looking up with wide eyes and an open jaw, everyone looked up at the apartment above them. There, they saw EL PRESIDENTE suspended in the air, impaled on the top of a support beam that had snapped a jagged splintery edge. EL PRESIDENTE’s obesity covered the view of the actual impalement but the blood flow running down the rotted board told them enough that EL PRESIDENTE was dead.

“Damn,” SILVERFOX said under her breath.

“Savage,” FALKOR added.

“I know,” SILVERFOX finished, “I wanted to kill him!”

As everyone began to help one another up and move the debris off one another, they found the dead doctor with the smashed skull and the blood splatter on the kitchen’s counter side. The living doctors got together and grabbed the dead doctor as the four astronauts retrieved EL PRESIDENTE’s body. They put both deceased bodies on the floor and buried them under the debris.

Everyone spread around the clean apartment in pairs of twos and fours, each set having their own discussion about what to do next.


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