WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 10: Lucifer's Labyrinth
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 5
17 in the High Rise



When EL PRESIDENTE’s body rose up and was thrown across the apartment by an invisible force, nobody was able to react fast enough to what was happening. Then, after crashing to the floor after bouncing off the wall, EL PRESIDENTE began screaming a high pitch wail of pure realization mixed with a horrific violation.

“The Devil Was In Me! The Devil Was In Me! Oh My God, Oh My God! The De—,” and EL PRESIDENTE was severely slapped unconscious with one blow, courtesy of SILVERFOX. EL PRESIDENTE was so distraught over his unknown possession that he didn’t see SILVERFOX walk over to him and slap. SILVERFOX stood back up and walked over back to where her deceased astronaut colleague lay dead.

“What do we do?” PHUKOV asked. “I don’t mean just him,” motioning to the dead astronaut, “but with everything? I’m still trying to, oh how do you say, ‘wrap my head around this’.” Many others silently agreed.

“She’s right,” FALKOR said, kneeling beside her. “This room is not only going to be piling up with bodies, but three of us are possessed by Lucifer’s Minions and one of us now harnesses Lucifer himself.”

“It’s Russian Roullette, guys,” LANCE said, then apologized, “No offense, PHUKOV,” and PHUKOV waved it off, taking no offense. It was actually a fair analogy: Who will pull the trigger next, avoiding a bullet?

“We can’t just keep piling up bodies under sheets,” BONES said from across the room. “No offense, LANCE.”

Shockingly, LANCE agreed. “You’re right. BONES, is it?” BONES nodded. “What do you recommend we do?” BONES turned to BROCK and the two X-Ray techs used their affair as an answer.

X-Ray Tech’s BONES & BROCK told everyone, “Be subtle, hid the evidence, and think ahead.” They convinced the entire group to stay calm, throw the bodies out the only broken window, and think about the variety of the situations at hand. Treat this like you want no one to know what’s happening. “The world isn’t moving, so no one is going to question the bodies. Even if the world starts up again, this is New York City: no one is going to look twice at bodies on a sidewalk.”

PHUKOV, FAILSAFE, FALKOR, & SILVERFOX heaved their colleague out the broken window, but LANCE alone carried his deceased friend to the window after HERBERT, BECKY, Dr. MENDELBAUM, FRANK, & LIEUT. DAN lifted the piano.

Dr. PAIN, Dr. FRIVOLOUS, & Dr. SPANKY briefly grouped together and called Dr. LIQMASTER over to join their conversation. Everyone who helped lift the piano watched LANCE emotionally toss his friend. BROCK & BONES walked up to LANCE and the astronauts, expressing their apologies, but the groups agreed it was the right thing to do. The group of talking doctors called everyone to the living room, after arranging the furniture a bit. The group by the piano walked over and so did the group by the windows.

Dr. LIQMASTER said, “Everyone find a seat, we have a lot to discuss and figure out. These three have a really good idea on what we can do to confront this!” Everyone began to sit on or around the furniture.

After a head count, they realized one person, besides the unconscious EL PRESIDENTE, wasn’t in the group with him. They looked around and found ALYNNA, knelt down in a corner, eyes bloodshot and wide open with dried tear streaks on her face.

BECKY ran to her but ALYNNA bellowed out, “Stay Away From Me!” as loud as she could. BECKY immediately backed off and everyone rose to their feet. Shaking in a ball hugging her legs, ALYNNA spoke shakily, “The fat president guy over there said I have a Minion in me…and I think he’s right! I deserve to have a demon thing in me, after what I had to do to get into that college! The flabby president said my name and then Lucifer left his body! How do I know that the devil wasn’t talking instead of the chubby man?!”

BECKY tried to say, “AL—“, but ALYNNA shouted, “Shut Up, BECKY! Just Shut Up! We Died Together, Remember! We Died, And Here We Are: In Hell! We’re All Going To Die Again Because God & Lucifer Made Us A Game!” ALYNNA took a breath. As new tears fell, she recalled, “My brother and I used to play board games, and when he lost, he’d always flip the board.”

That’s when ALYNNA stood up, ran, and leaped out the broken window, flipping the board. 


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