WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 10: Lucifer's Labyrinth
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 4
18 in the High Rise



Everyone in the room, different groups of people at the various windows overlooking the paused world, specifically New York City, turned at stared at Dr. PAIN and the newly broken window. Small chips of glass fell to the floor that detached from the frame and made a tinkling sound everyone could hear. There were no sounds coming from the city, no wind coming from the hole in the window; there was no sound in the air except the slight movement of people.

Quickly, the tension of the room grew very thick when Dr. PAIN spoke up. “That sonofabitch worked for Amcemis Inc., just like a few of us in here do, did, whatever! But he was hell bent on creating chemical compounds that would be used for weapons. He also killed my friend, what literally seems like yesterday. So, yes. I got rid of him. Sue me! But I also recall something else: Minions.” That word alone many all of the judgmental gazes turn to acknowledgement.

X-Ray Tech’s BONES & BROCK were both together at a window and looked at one another worrisome. All five of the astronauts did, too.

Dr. MENDELBAUM, standing by HERBERT & BECKY, said, “There…um. Wait…,” and she looked as if she was readjusting her words. “Okay, um, first, HERBERT, is it?” HERBERT nodded. “Thank you, for pulling me out. Second, Dr. PAIN is correct about the doctor’s intentions. So, you, too, thank you. He actually, accidentally, killed me with a door, dumb as it sounds. Third, again, Dr. PAIN is right: there are three demons. Um… Balaam, Astaroth, & Beezlebub, and Lucifer, too. Each one is in four separate people, four separate of us.” Everyone started to look around the room, off and uneasy.

LIEUT. DAN, with FRANK next to him, said, “How do we know who has a demon in them?”

After a small pause, Dr. LIQMASTER responded to LIEUT. DAN’s question with another question, “How would we know if we do have one?” and the nervousness in everyone heighted.

“I still can’t believe that none of your know who I am,” EL PRESIDENTE said, under bated breath.

SILVERFOX stormed ferociously toward EL PRESIDENTE, got nose to nose with the overweight sweaty man and shouted, “No One Here Knows Who You Are And We Really Don’t Care! Either Be Useful Or Shut Your Goddamn Flabby Mouth Shut!” Everyone stood motionless, awaiting for either EL PRESIDENTE to say something back or for SILVERFOX to make a move. Neither happened, until when SILVERFOX turned around and walked away.

EL PRESIDENTE spoke snarky, “I know who the minions are in this room, you dead astronaut bitch.” SILVERFOX stopped instantly, turned around, done with EL PRESIDENTE’s crap, and saw EL PRESIDENTE point a finger to each person as he spoke. “Astronaut FALKOR, Cosmonaut PHUKOV, and Student ALYNNA. Each one has six letters in their names and I haven’t heard them say a single word yet.”

As SILVERFOX got right back up in EL PRESIDENTE’s face, ready to give him the ass-kicking of a lifetime, Dr. FRIVOLOUS spoke up nervously, “If that’s true, no harm can come to them, or Lucifer controls the Earth, right? Isn’t that the agreement? And if only Lucifer remains, he wins?”

Dr. SPANKY then added, “What are we supposed to do? Kill one another, hoping to find the Devil?! That’s insane!”

Almost in unison, FALKOR, PHUKOV, and ALYNNA were holding up their hands as if a gun was pointing at them, saying things like, “Hey, whoa. Don’t look at us! Were just here like you guys!”

SILVERFOX shouted above everyone, “Quiet!!” and didn’t take her gaze off EL PRESIDENTE. “I don’t know you. I don’t like you. You’re spewing dangerous rhetoric and causing panic. Panic we don’t—,” and SILVERFOX was cut off by a hysterical shout from across the room.

“I Don’t Want A Demon In Me!” and everyone watched MCCLOUD shove a piece of glass from the broken window deep into the side of his neck! The blood sprayed from the wound in pumped bursts and all the astronauts immediately ran to his falling body.

As MCCLOUD choked to death on his own blood, EL PRESIDENTE began laughing a victorious cackle and his face began to twist. In a deep tone bellowing from below, EL PRESIDENTE in Lucifer’s voice said, “Another one down,” and EL PRESIDENTE’s body flung across the room as Lucifer invisibly exited his body.

EL PRESIDENTE, now free of Lucifer, began screaming like a terrified elementary school girl.


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