WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 10: Lucifer's Labyrinth
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 3
19 in the High Rise



Everyone began to back away from the piano as the blood from the deceased man’s body began to pool out from under him. HERBERT slowly knelt down behind the piano and reached out his hand at Dr. MENDELBAUM who was still under the piano end that didn’t collapse. As HERBERT slowly pulled Dr. MENDELBAUM out, softly saying, “Easy…easy!” as if talking loud would make the entire piano crash. Just as Dr. MENDELBAUM’s legs came out from under the piano, the last two legs crashed, making everyone jump, but only EL PRESIDENTE screamed. That’s when everyone turned and looked at him judgingly. For a moment, no one spoke. Everyone stood in shock as the room went silent. EL PRESIDENTE got to his feet and stood there, brushing himself off.

Finally, LANCE spoke up, just over a whisper, “Someone, please find a sheet,” and within a moment, FRANK handed LANCE the sofa cover sheet apologetically.

As LANCE covered his friends’ deceased face, Dr. PAIN said, “H-hey man, I-I’m so—,” and LANCE cut him off. “Shut up. Just…shut up.” LANCE wasn’t looking at anyone as the sheet soaked up some of the blood.

HERBERT, BECKY, & ALYNNA walked back over the furniture as BROCK, BONES, FRANK, Dr. LIQMASTER, & LIEUT. DAN grouped up back toward the kitchen’s bar. Each group began mumbling to one another about ‘where they were’, ‘what was happening’, and ‘who are all these people’. As LANCE stood over by the crashed piano, astronauts SILVERFOX, FALKOR, FAILSAFE, MCCLOUD, & PHUKOV walked over toward the foyer to talk to EL PRESIDENTE, asking him who he was.

Loudly, louder than everyone else talking, EL PRESIDENTE answered, “You don’t know me?! I’m EL PRESIDENTE Mik—,” and he cut himself off. All of the astronauts stared at him questionably. “You don’t recognize your own American President?!” EL PRESIDENT shouted.

As SILVERFOX responded back with, “We’re American astronauts, except for PHUKOV, and our Chief Commanding Officer is President Donald Trump.” The Amcemis group of doctors MUHAMMAD, SPANKY, FRIVOLOUS, MENDELBAUM, & PAIN walked over toward the conversation.

“I’m EL PRESIDENTE…?! I got rid of all the super heroes and super villains who have been destroying our planet?! And then…I somehow….got pulled into the dimension we banned them to…to where I fell to my death, apparently,” EL PRESIDENT tried to explain, losing confidence in his words as he listened to his own words spewing from his chubby jowls. He really sounded nuts. Suddenly, EL PRESIDENTE went defensive and shouted, “Well, fine! You bastards don’t believe me!? Then what do You all remember?!”

Several answers began to sporadically sound from around the room from various people:

“Blob monsters.”

“A car accident.”

“A human rat mutant creature.”

“A giant hand destroying a town.”

“An earthquake.”

“Dr. Feaslestein’s cult.”


“An explosion burning off my skin.”

“Being sucked out into space without a suit.”

“Being shot.”

“Being crushed by a tree.”

And then LANCE said, “Lucifer.”

When LANCE said his answer, the entire room went silent again. LANCE was still staring at where his dead friend laid until he looked up at everyone around him. “I don’t know why, but I recall…God and Lucifer having a talk.”

Then FALKOR said, “And God stopped an apocalypse.”

Then Dr. SPANKY recalled, “We’re…supposed to prove Lucifer wrong…or something.”

FRANK shouted, “Frank!” and when everyone looked at the scrawny girl, they found FRANK pointing out the curtainless windows. Everyone squinted their eyes as they walked toward the various windows. It was bright and they overlooked New York City.

There were fires, explosions, and balls of black smoke. There were blob creatures stuck to the sides of buildings. In the streets were thousands of tiny heads in several group mobs. In the sky above were tail trails in streams, like from a jet or a rocket. Everything, however, was frozen in time. Forever paused. While all marveled at the sight to see, Dr. PAIN took a few steps back, ran forward as fast as he could, and kicked the back of Dr. MUHAMMAD with both feet! Dr. MUHAMMAD, caught unaware of the act at hand, crashed face first into the glass, fell out the window, and everyone watched him fall to his death. Everyone turned to Dr. PAIN as he stood up and Dr. PAIN defended, “What?! He was an evil bastard!”


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