WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 10: Lucifer's Labyrinth
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 2
20 in the High Rise



Five different groups of people began to awaken in a one room apartment suite that none of them have never been in before. As they all stirred awake simultaneously, only two awoke blissfully and peacefully.

Four of the Crystal Falls group shot up off the furniture they were sprawled over as if their bodies were shocked with electricity. LANCE, KEITH, BECKY & ALYNNA shouted a burst of a scream as they came to, each once remembering being killed inside a vehicle and smashed to death.

HERBERT jarred awake but without a single mutter until he looked around in a quick panic and asked, “Lucky! Wh-where’s Lucky?” LANCE looked up at HERBERT and said, “Lucky…? Uhh, crap. I…forget…eew, rank! What’s that smell?!”

The Hospital group had three people who came to life screaming in absolute turmoil: BROCK, BONES, & Dr. LIQMASTER. Each one died in a fall or in a riot of people. Patient FRANK snorted as she awoke and immediately saw LIEUT. DAN, who hadn’t woken up yet. She ran to him, shook him awake yelling, “Frank! Frank!”, and LIEUT. DAN snapped up, clutching his neck. Last he knew, he was killed with two scalpels. BROCK & BONES looked around, saw one another, and instantly embraced one another in a tight hug. FRANK was also hugging LIEUT. DAN as he came to, for she remembers him helping her.

The group of Astronauts began to awaken in several different fashions as well. SILVERFOX & FALKOR burst awake as they recall dying in explosions. FAILSAFE & MCCLOUD both writhed as they awoke, slapping their own bodies. FAILSAFE remembers bring belittled with debris and MCCLOUD burnt up in the atmosphere.

PHUKOV was the only one screaming nightmarishly remembering being eaten alive, “Get It Off Me! Get It Off Me! It’s Eating Me Alive! It’s—,” and PHUKOV realized the blob wasn’t there.  

Of the Amcemis group, Dr. MUHAMMAD, Dr. SPANKY, & Dr. FRIVOLOUS awoke screaming in terror as the last thing they remember was being killed by a gigantic mutant human-mouse hybrid creature. Dr. PAIN jarred awake, for his last recollection was face-planting a windshield. Dr. MENDELBAUM was the only one of the group to wake up semi-calmly. When she died, she was unconscious and felt no pain.

Dr. PAIN looked around and saw Dr. MUHAMMAD sitting up, patting himself, checking for claw marks and torn flesh. Dr. PAIN’s memory came back to him quickly and remembered Dr. MUHAMMED throwing his best friend over a railing to his death. Dr. PAIN shot up to his feet and charged at Dr. MUHAMMAD, shouting, “You murdering Sonofabitch!” Everyone turned to see Dr. PAIN wailing and punching the man. Dr. SPANKY & Dr. FRIVOLOUS ran toward the scuffle and they both grabbed a doctor, pulling them apart.

It took a few seconds but the Astronauts came to Dr. SPANKY’s help as she held Dr. PAIN back. The Hospital group came to Dr. FRIVOLOUS’s aid in restraining Dr. MUHAMMAD from fighting back. Both groups did everything they could to pry the men apart as Dr. MENDELBAUM slid under the piano, fearfully not wanting to get involved.

As the two doctors broke loose from both groups, the Crystal Falls group ran up to assist in re-separating the Dr. MUHAMMAD & Dr. PAIN fight. As the Hospital group and the Astronauts helped the Crystal Falls group end the fight, KEITH of the Crystal Falls group was kicked by Dr. PAIN as Dr. PAIN was being struggling his restraint. The kick made KEITH stumble over and fall to the floor. KEITH’s body bumped into the ancient rickety grand piano legs and the instrument creaked.

From underneath, Dr. MENDELBAUM watched from the piano’s cast iron plate end overhead tip forward and crash directly into KEITH’s throat and trachea! The fight instantly came to a halt as the piano crash and monstrous sound of out-of-tune keys boomed the atmosphere of the one room apartment suite.   

EL PRESIDENTE was in the center of the apartment. At the boom, he woke up hollering at the top of his lungs, flapping his arms and legs, and clawing at anything to grab onto. EL PRESIDENTE’s last memory was hitting a bolder at the bottom of cliff and that was when his chubby body sat up in a sweaty panic.


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