WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 10: Lucifer's Labyrinth
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 1
21 in the High Rise



Before leaving, God told Lucifer, “21 souls will now determine if either you are correct or if they create their own destruction,” but God wasn’t finished. “I have resurrected 21 previously dead souls back to Earth and placed them all in one room in a New York high rise. All of their memories will be intact and they’ll also know of what has happened the last month to the Earth. More importantly, they’ll know of our meeting. They’ll know all. You may interfere any way you see fit. But if they defeat your words and I’m correct, the world’s current apocalypse will resume and you will have no part of it. If your words are deemed truthful, then the apocalypse is yours and I’ll restore the Earth as if nothing’s ever happened.”

When God vanished, Lucifer strolled casually to New York, observing the Earth in its pause. It truly was a marvel to see: a worldwide destruction and abrupt chaos paused like a DVD. Upon reaching New York, Lucifer could feel the essence of the 21 and knew the building.

Along the way, Lucifer called up three minions (Balaam, Astaroth, and Beezlebub) to join this challenge. “Interfere any way I see fit, huh?”

The four reached New York and walked up the high rise to the room that would seal the fate of humanity one way or another.

Lucifer told his minions, “Now remember, inhabit any one of your choosing but once you choose, you’re trapped in their meatsuit; no jumping. If all three of you are discovered, we win. If I prove to God that I was right by their own actions, we win. If I’m discovered…,” Lucifer thought a second, “…twice! Yes, twice, I lose control of Earth’s ending. Manipulate their words, twist their actions, but DO NOT IN ANY WAY reveal yourself unless you’re killed! My game, my rules!”

The three understood the rules and the moment all four entrapped themselves into the souls of their chosen, the 21 slowly began to come back to life. The first to breathe in new life was EL PRESIDENTE.

The other groups of people were spread out the gigantic room like a handful of toy dolls that were just tossed onto a child’s bedroom floor, but each were gathered in their own groups.

The room was a suite, a classy joint back in the 1950’s for the social elite, but now condemned and in horrific need of repair. Splintered floors, aged paint, rusty plumbing and cracked appliances. Dusty and worn furniture, filthy windows, and the smell of wet rotten wood. The room in the high rise had an occupancy limit of 100 people, so there was plenty of room to move, but there were horrific unforeseen hurdles ahead.

Old Man HERBERT, and students LANCE, KEITH, BECKY & ALYNNA were all ragdolled in what once was a magnificent stylish living room in the now aged apartment suite, lying motionless on the furniture.

X-Ray Tech’s BROCK & BONES, Doctor LIQMASTER, Patient FRANK, & a hospital visitor named LIEUT. DAN were twisted like sleeping pretzels in the moldy and decrepit kitchen area not hygienic for anyone.

Sprawled about the foyer like drunken party patrons of the forgotten suite was four unconscious Astronauts nicknamed SILVERFOX, FALKOR, FAILSAFE, & MCCLOUD, and Russian Cosmonaut PHUKOV.

Lastly, near the wooden rotten liquor bar, and some under the rickety piano, were five scientist doctors named Dr. MUHAMMAD, Dr. SPANKY, Dr. FRIVOLOUS, Dr. MENDELBAUM, and lastly, Dr. PAIN.

As the many groups of people began to stir themselves awake, several things began to flood through their minds even before anyone opened their eyes: their last memories during their deaths, the realization that God & Lucifer actually exist, the status of the Earth worldwide, and worst of all, any one of them could actually have either a demonic minion or the Devil himself inside of them!

No one spoke or attempted to mumble words as their eyes began to flutter, adjusting to the darkness of where they were, and at the moment, none knew where they were! Everything they’re trying to sort out in their heads was in flashes. Nothing was certain. Nothing made sense. Everything was wrong. Very wrong!


(21 characters remaining)

(3 minions remaining)

(Lucifer's been discovered 0 out of 2 times)


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