WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 10: Lucifer's Labyrinth
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 0

Chapter 0/Prologue


The end of the current world began less than a month ago but was predicted so long ago, the only documentation of it are from only those who know. Few books depict the recent events but unless you know what you are reading and how to decipher it, their messages are completely meaningless.

Found in a college library by a single student was a book that had these warnings. It read:

[Forgotten Gods: Underplate of the Earth, pg. 456, sec. 71, para. 3] "The Hands of the Mighty will Cleanse the Earth swift as the March of the Ill will Trample the Unbelievers gifts. Former Inhabitants will Reign from the Heavens as Cylinders of Man will Enslave the Seven."


As the month had continued on, the student has not only memorized this book passage but because of the events, she has solved every description. The passage is nothing more than toppling dominos: once the first happens, the rest will follow in suit. In the end, there truly is no stopping the apocalypse!


Only two beings in existence that have been giving the apocalypse any true deep thought. The first is the student who survived the paragraph’s first meaning when the vacant town she was in wiped off the planet and existence. She alone knows all the passage’s meanings and what they were representing.

“The Hands of the Mighty will Cleanse the Earth swift.”: The Forgotten Gods are erasing Earth.

“The March of the Ill will Trample the Unbelievers gifts.”: Dr. Feaslesteins’s army is killing all.

“Former Inhabitants will Reign from the Heavens.” Blob aliens are invading Earth from space.

“Cylinders of Man will Enslave the Seven.” The Amcemis Co. launched missiles at the seven seas.


The other is a being whom is world renown, whom everyone knows but few have unknowingly met. Named countless names from countless religions, he is known for all the demise of the Earth and its various populations. He is the first of the fallen and Lord of all evil; he is Lucifer, Ruler of Damnation.

Written to be told to bring down the ‘House that God Built’, Lucifer watches the world around him fall into a chaos that was supposed to be his doing. Nothing is as written and vowed to him. Aliens and Internet riding ghosts of a dead doctor and gigantic underground beings of cosmic powers; it was all nonsense and pointless! There’s no meaning, no reason, no purpose, and worse, He’s not in charge of it or a part of it! So Lucifer left the confines of Hell and met with his father at an undisclosed location on Earth to view the madness spewing all over the planet. Best showing of evidence is proof as it happens.


Lucifer showed God a front row seating of the worldwide destruction that all was happening at once. Speaking to God was no easy task. Lucifer showed and explained that all the cataclysmic events are   erasing the existence of humanity every second on the clock of life and if they’re all gone, so are we. Lucifer showered the Blob creatures falling from the sky and devouring all in their way. Millions upon millions being infected by a dead cult leader doctor who can now control anyone hooked up to a machine, killing all in their way. Missiles traveling all over the planet, carrying inhumane chemicals that will mutate and transform all who are in their paths. And then the horrific underworld beings who supposedly hold the world up so it doesn’t collapse within itself and once their discovered, the punishment is erasing existence. All of these events should happen a millennia apart, not all at once.


“And worse, none of this has any meaning or reason!” Lucifer justified to his Father as they watched.

“What do you want, my son?” God asked Lucifer. “Mankind will create their own destructions.”

“Yes I know, because you made them that way, but it’s written that it’s We who are to do this!”

God thought about this and there was some truth to Lucifer’s words. After a pause, God paused all existence, one end of the cosmos to the other. Lucifer watched as everything came to a sudden halt.

God said, “21 souls will now determine if either you are correct or if they create their own destruction.”


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