WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 9: Lab Rats
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 13
Finale (8:59 AM/1 Doctor)



In the Facility's Loading Bays, the elevator doors opened all the way and from inside, the man/mouse mutation leaped from a gory pile of blood and right next to the delivery truck. It slid on its bloody clawed paws and slammed into the side of the truck, causing it to tilt the two driver side tired for a second. Dr. GELDING screamed from inside the vehicle as the Loading Bay comms repeated the announcement, "Launch Sequence Activated, Launch...!"

In the driver seat, the guard was fumbling with the keys, trying to get the right key into the ignition while in the passager seat, Dr. PAIN was locking the doors repeatedly. Dr. GELDING, sitting in the pint-sized backseat area right behind the guard, was holding on the handles as the truck tipped. The abomination got back to all fours and began ramming the side of the delivery truck and clawing at the passager side doors. The claws of the mutation were not only scratching the paint but were also shredding grooves into the metal! When the guard finally got the right key in the ignition, he started up the truck and gunned the gas. There was barely any room to go anywhere but enough room to turn the truck around in a circle, dodging the raging creature and awaiting the overhead door to automatically open. The digital clock on the dashboard inside the delivery truck displayed a greenish electronic 08:59:20!


In a secretly hidden room, The Brain completed the launch sequence of Amcemis launch pods worldwide and scampered off the control panel. The computer repeated the same message in the Loading Bay and throughout the Facility, including the HQ building above ground, "Launch Sequence Activated." The Brain squeaked something to Pinky and both retreated up the wall and back into the vent. Somehow, The Brain knew where the vent would lead them if they went up as high as they could and correctly, they entered the HQ building just in time!


On the very bottom floor of the Facility, just before the Incinerator hatch closed, the vapors from the smashed [2178-ANB] container floated foggy right into the heat vent of the Incinerator! In a thunderous explosion, the ball of fire and ignited gas thrust upward, collapsing the entire fourth floor into the fifth! Like a house of cards falling, each floor of the Facility collapsed to the bottom, killing every Facility member still alive trapped inside!


Back in the Facility's Loading Bays, the digital clock in the delivery truck changed to 09:00:00 and the Loading Bay doors opened up and the guard punched the gas! The delivery truck skid its tires and they hit the mutated creature enough to bump it out of the way. Just as the delivery truck exited the door, the explosion from below reached the Loading Bay, collapsing the structure. The monstrous creature fell into the destructive depths of Amcemis's Facility.

Driving away inside the delivery truck, after crashing the main gate, the guard, Dr. PAIN, and Dr. GELDING roared a cheer of survival as they made it out of the parking lot and into the city streets. But the cheering quickly ended when they all looked up into the blue sky. Crossing the skies in brilliant white streaks of exhaust, over a dozen skyscraper-sized rocks streamed the heavens, all traveling in different directions to unknown destructive destinations. 

"The launch warning...!" Dr. PAIN gasped. It was the last thing Dr. PAIN would ever say as the guard, not paying attention to the road, crashed the delivery truck right into the back of a flatbed trailer attached to a stopped semi at a red light. Dr. GELDING slammed into the back of the delivery truck driver seat at the guard's face crushed against the steering collum, killing him instantly. Dr. GELDING didn't see Dr. PAIN get thrust from his passenger seat. Dr. GELDING didn't see Dr. PAIN's face splatter into the windshield, snapping his skull and neck. Worse, Dr. GELDING heard it and gasps of air expelled from Dr. PAIN's shattered nasal passages.

Barely conscious and sore to the core, Dr. GELDING stayed curled in her fetal position as she could hear people around the delivery truck collaborating about the accident. An unknown amount of people were commenting on the dead guard driver and the motionless man in the lab coat in the front passager seat. When someone opened the driver side back door, they screamed, "There's someone else in here!" Dr. GELDING felt hands touch her back and Dr. GELDING tried moving to show life when another voice screamed, "We Have A Live One Here!" Dr. GELDING felt hands pull her out of the truck and she allowed herself to pass out.


R.I.P. Dr. PAIN (16 out of 30 votes)

In a previous life, Dr. PAIN was a nerdy college student named RON who was thrown from a truck and died when his body crushed against the pavement


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