WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 9: Lab Rats
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 12
Mutilation (8:54 AM/2 Doctors)



On the bottom floor of the Facility, the mutated mouse/man hybrid paced around, not sure where to go. Still partially wearing its torn labcoat, the once-doctor's dangling badge just swiped past the elevator panel and when it dinged, the creature watched the doors open. At the far end of the hall where the creature came from, vapors from [2178-ANB] floated about.


In the Facility's Loading Bays, Dr. GELDING knew it was time to act. She heard the guard drop the gun on the floor and heard jingling, meaning the guard found the keys to the truck. Dr. GELDING burst from the wall panel and screamed, "Back Off!" The guard responded instantly by reaching for the gun on the floor, but Dr. GELDING fired off a round. She was aiming for the guard when she fired and horribly missed, but it made the guard stand right back up. "You tried to ki--," the guard started to say, but Dr. GELDING screamed, "SHUT UP!" and started to walk closer to him. The guard backed up in sequence. Dr. GELDING reached his gun, picked it up, and as hard as she could, she chucked it across the Loading Bay. 

The same time it loudly hit the floor, another wall panel door opened a few feet from where the elevator is and out ran Dr. MUHAMMAD in desperation, holding his lab coat closed. Dr. GELDING & the guard at gunpoint turned their heads in surprise to see Dr. MUHAMMAD run and then come to a stop, for he was surprised to see anyone! Just two seconds later, Dr. PAIN emerged from the opening, immediately seeing a gun on the floor, picked it up, and looked for Dr. MUHAMMAD. Without ever shooting a gun in his life, Dr. PAIN saw Dr. MUHAMMAD, aimed the gun, and fired. The bullet hit the elevator and pinged right past the guard, making him & Dr. GLEDING drop down instinctively. Dr. MUHAMMAD stopped running and came to a halt in front of the elevator. As Dr. PAIN walked toward Dr. MUHAMMAD with the gun up, Dr. GELDING started making the guard walk backward to the delivery truck.

The guard spoke up, "Listen, I don't know what is going on here, but your friend earlier tried to kill me & Bill over there. Bill's dead, I'm not. The one who shot me was a guy, so I don't know you." Dr. GELDING listened, clutching the gun at him, and said, "I heard you shoot someone in the elevator. Explain that!" Instead, the guard pointed at the other two doctors, still walking backward. "I just want to leave this hellhole and I don't know who they are either. So why don't we just put all--," and Dr. PAIN interrupted. "Dr. MUHAMMAD killed my friend while trying to get away and he has something in his coat!" Dr. MUHAMMAD raised his hand up over his head, holding two small containers marked: [4078-ANB] & [7078-ANB]. Chuckling, he said, "If I smash these, who knows what will happen! Oh...wait, I do! So, go ahead and shoot!" Dr. PAIN looked at the guard and said, "Do you have the truck keys?"


In a secretly hidden room, The Brain was actively accessing the computer control center by pouncing on the keyboard, actually hitting keys with his paws. The Brain somehow knew what a keyboard was, how it works, and what he was doing! Pinky, however, bounced around on the floor, going mentally mad from the craving of food. That was when Pinky caught the smell of something and trampled in its direction. As Pinky found a half eaten box of crackers in a nearby trash can, the computer The Brain was using responded saying, "Access Granted!"


Back in the Facility's Loading Bays, the guard answered Dr. PAIN's question, "Listen, in less than two minutes, that main entrance door will automatically open at the top of the hour. I have the keys, yes. Tell your associate here to lower her--," and that was when the elevator door opened. Dr. PAIN, Dr. GELDING, & the guard watched as a horrifically deformed monstrosity emerged from the sliding doors, grab Dr. MUHAMMAD from behind, and sink its fangs into his back and chest. The mouse/man mutation pulled Dr. MUHAMMAD back into the elevator and Dr. PAIN ran to the controls, frantically slapping the button to close them again.

As the three listened to the fatal screams of Dr. MUHAMMAD being ripped apart, they all dropped their animosities and ran for the delivery truck. Dr. GELDING screamed as she saw the two dead bodies inside the truck and the guard quickly threw them out like bags of garbage. "I'll Explain Later!" the guard shouted in defense. The guard started the delivery truck engine as Dr. PAIN & Dr. GELDING got in with their guns. As the elevator dinged and the doors opened, an announcement rang over the Loading Bay comm, "Launch Sequence Activated!"


R.I.P. Dr. MUHAMMAD (12 votes out of 30)

In a previous life, Dr. MUHAMMAD was once an E.M.T. for a hospital named STEWIE who was pulled apart by a miniature mob of coma patients under mental control.


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