WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 9: Lab Rats
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 11
Trifecta (8:49 AM/3 Doctors)



Outside of the Facility, the guards looked at one another and in the next second, they began frantically grabbing their gear. Keys, helmets, their vests, and their firearms; everything they needed to storm the Facility against Amcemis HQ's orders. Both guards fled the guard shack, squinting their eyes in the harsh sunlight. As they dashed for the company jeep, no-one in the corporate building noticed the two on-duty guards flee the property out the main gate.


In the Facility's Loading Bays, the wrathful guard reached in the wall panel and grabbed the foot of his dead partner. Dr. GELDING was hunched in a ball, squeezing her knees to her chest, praying the guard didn't see her. The body of the dead guard slid out of the compartment as its eyes still stared at her. The head thudded as it went through the opening and Dr. GELDING could hear the live guard say, "Alright, Bill. Where are the damn keys?"


In the Facility's Board Room, Dr. MENDELBAUM stood in horror and shock as her associate was fried alive and now the room went dark after the power outage from him crashing into the fake window display. Dr. MENDELBAUM inched her way over toward the toasted doctor and that was when, from out of nowhere, a hidden wall door directly beside the shattered fake window display burst open, and the edge caught the side of her head at the temple! As Dr. MUHAMMAD emerged from kicking the door open in a mad dash and exited the wall, he ran past the Board Room desk, not realizing the jarring to Dr. MENDELBAUM's head & brain was an injury that she'll never recover from, never awaken from, and thankfully, never remember. Dr. MUHAMMAD fled the Board Room as Dr. MENDELBAUM died as her brain internally bled.


The path up the air vent was a struggle, to say the least, even for two lab mice, but The Brain knew where they had to go and more shockingly why. The Brain squeaked again at Pinky to keep up and the unstable mouse chippered back something almost indescribable. The Brain kept going until he came across a new went opening. When Pinky caught up behind him, both of them looked through the vent slots and found a room full of computer consoles with keyboard, knobs, dials, and switches. The two mice opened the air vent and proceeded to venture down the wall, clawing the drywall to the floor. The Brain successfully slid down the wall as Pinky simply fell out of the vent and flopped on the floor. The Brain twitched his head in disappointment and headed toward a specific keyboard as Pinky got up on his four paws.


Inside the Secret Metal Staircase in the Facility Wall, Dr. PAIN was only two staircases behind Dr. MUHAMMAD when he heard a wall door crash up above him and a growl from deep below him. Dr. PAIN dashed on in pursuit of Dr. MUHAMMAD and found the door he exited from: the Board Room on the second floor. Dr. PAIN emerged, saw the lights flickering, a motionless associate in a shattered window display, another one on the floor bleeding from the ears, and just outside the Board Room door, Dr. PAIN saw another wall opening coming to a close. Dr. PAIN ran out of the Board Room, knowing damn well that is where the crazy doctor went. The only thing Dr. PAIN didn't know is where this new hidden wall door led to! 


In the Security Storage Wing near the elevator, Dr. SPANKY & Dr. FRIVOLOUS, and the other alive personnel around them in the rubble heard the growl become a snarl! Dr. FRIVOLOUS choked up the words in reassurance, "No, it's definitely not the support structure!" As the able were getting to their feet, from the far end of the wing, past the Incinerator access, a wall door slammed open, sending an echoing -BASH- down the hallway. The living watched a spiked claw emerge from the doorway! Then an overstretched arm, covered in ripped flesh and splotches of white fur. Finally, the body emerged on all fours with two long arms in the front, hunched legs in the back, and its spine stuck out of its back like a chainlink fence! The snarled from its stretched jaw through a variety of large fangs as its tail whipped against the wall. The mutated human-mouse roared in fury and charged at the group! When it pounced, its left rear claw paw crushed Dr. SPANKY like a human boot to a cockroach as it clawed and bit at everything moving. Dr. FRIVOLOUS was the only one to not only feel the teeth of the creature as it bit her but was also the only one chomped, eaten, and horrifically devoured!


R.I.P. Dr. MENDELBAUM (8 votes out of 30)

R.I.P. Dr. FRIVOLOUS (8 votes out of 30)

R.I.P. Dr. SPANKY (8 votes out of 30)

In previous lives, Dr. MENDELBAUM was once a super villain named AMETHYST who died from a head injury in her second life. Dr. FRIVOLOUS was once a Russian cosmonaut named PHUKOV, who was eaten by a blob alien and Dr. SPANKY was named LEON who was trampled by a heard of gazelles when he was trapped in a nature television show.


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