WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 9: Lab Rats
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 10
Electrocution (8:44 AM/6 Doctors)



Outside of the Facility, the two guards stare at the delivery truck in the security monitor. There was no movement on the screen. The camera of the Loading Bay wasn't angled to show Dr. GELDING's situation or the elevator. The guard changed the camera connection to another room in the facility. The next feed the guards watched was the second floor where the Board Room entrance was. It was there when they saw a frantic doctor, jumping and waving her arms in front of the camera with a muted scream coming from her desperate expressions!


In the Facility's Loading Bays, the guard was pulling a dead body of a doctor out of the elevator. The back of the lab coat was smeared with blood as the bullet wound from the head dripped along the floor. Dr. GELDING could hear the body thud as the guard let go of the hands. Dr. GELDING heard the delivery truck door open, another thud, then the door closed, and finally, the footsteps of the guard retracting further away. The elevator chime dinged again and Dr. GELDING listened as the doors either open or close; she wasn't sure. All Dr. GELDING could see was the dead guard in the wall compartment with her staring back at her. That was when the wall's panel quickly burst open and a hand reached in to grab Dr. GELDING!


In the Facility's Board Room, more frantic and desperate, Dr. TAKOBEL starts slapping and pushing on every part of every wall he could, hoping the rumors of the hidden staircase was true. The palms of his hands were starting to turn red and were getting sore. Dr. TAKOBEL looked over at Dr. MENDELBAUM and the expression on Dr. MENDELBAUM's face was blank as she stared out the fake window overlooking the fake city. Dr. MENDELBAUM was mentally gone but repeating to herself, "I hated that movie...I hated that movie...!" Dr. MENDELBAUM started to take a few steps back and Dr. TAKOBEL knew what she was thinking: jump out the 'window' in a suicide attempt. Knowing it was a fake display, Dr. TAKOBEL jumped in front of Dr. MENDELBAUM to grab her, but Dr. MENDELBAUM hit Dr. TAKOBEL hard enough to knock him off his balance and Dr. TAKOBEL crashed into the electronic display, where it sent over 550 volts of electricity surging through his body, overloading his heart and causing his death!


Jittering and scampering down the hallway in an almost run, The Brain dashes toward a wall vent. Pinky, tripping over himself, runs to catch up and slams into the wall, stopping his momentum. The two lab mice wedge the vent open enough to squeeze into and The Brain leads Pinky up the vent to the next floor above: the second floor. The blood from the human, still a bad taste in The Brain's mouth is mixing with the injected chemical Dr. MUHAMMAD gave him, causing an unstable reaction that had yet to manifest to a scientific result but wasn't far off. Pinky scurried behind The Brain everywhere he went, simply hoping to find food! As The Brain ran up the vent, the mouse started to think in ways he never had before!


Inside the Secret Metal Staircase in the Facility Wall, Dr. MUHAMMAD runs up the staircase, still carrying three of the four stolen experimental chemicals. Dr. PAIN only looked over at his dead friend splattered on the cement floor below for a second longer until he ran after Dr. MUHAMMAD, screaming, "Get back here, you motherfu--," until a low, beastly growl echoed up the inner tunnel. Dr. PAIN stopped a second, wondering what the growl was that cut him off. Dr. PAIN looked over the railing once again at his dead friend. It was hard to get a solid few from him from so high up, but the dead doctor was now withering all over in muscle spasms! "Neurological brain damage," Dr. PAIN reassured himself and restarted running back after Dr. MUHAMMAD. As Dr. PAIN ran, above him, he heard another wall panel slam open.


In the Security Storage Wing around the elevator, Dr. SPANKY watched Dr. FRIVOLOUS cover her dead friend's eyes and started to walk over. The other doctors with them who fell when the floor collapsed were either trying to get up, were crying in pain, or were as motionless as the rubble itself. As Dr. SPANKY reached Dr. FRIVOLOUS, a low but unmistakeable growl came from the opposite end of the hallway past the Incinerator. Dr. SPANKY & Dr. FRIVOLOUS's heads instantly looked in the same direction and Dr. SPANKY said, "It's the support structure! More is going to cave in!" Dr. FRIVOLOUS shook her head slowly saying, "I...don't think so...!"


R.I.P. Dr. TAKOBEL (10 votes out of 30)

In a previous live, Dr. TAKOBEL was once a hardware shop owner named Mr. GRAYWOLF who was electrocuted in a mansion's kitchen while trying to get power to turn back on. 


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