WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 9: Lab Rats
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 9
Lowermost (8:39 AM/7 Doctors)



Outside of the Facility, the two guards sit in an awkward silence after receiving a phone call from someone inside the Amcemis Headquarters building. As one guard is going through the manifest of today's deliveries, the other guard is activating the various monitors to take a look at the various Facility exit points. "What are you doing?" the guard with the manifest asked the other guard. "We were told 'Remain at your post. Do not enter the Facility', right? I want to know what's going on down there. Something's not right..." Both watch the monitor and all they can see is the delivery truck inside the Loading Bay, still parked and motionless.


At the Facility's Loading Bays, still inside the parked delivery truck, Dr. GELDING begins to poke her head up to see out the windshield. It's been quiet for a few minutes. Dr. GELDING looks out the windows and the guard is not visible. Quickly, but silently, Dr. GELDING exits the driver side door, closes it soundlessly, and puts her gun in her lab coat pocket as she runs toward the wall panel where the other guard is. Just as Dr. GELDING gets to the wall panel opening, the elevator door chimes, announcing its arrival. Dr. GELDING opens the wall panel, sees the still-dead guard inside, and climbs in, taking the paneling with her. Just as Dr. GELDING gets the panel in place from behind the wall, the elevator door opens loudly.


In the Facility's Board Room, Dr. TAKOBEL starts pushing against the walls of the Board Room as Dr. MENDELBAUM looks out the fake windows overlooking a fake city. Dr. MENDELBAUM listens to the sounds: traffic, birds, wind, a helicopter; all fake to give the illusion of living above ground. "God, I hated that movie and here I am working in one," Dr. MENDELBAUM says aloud. "What movie?" Dr. TAKOBEL askes, still looking. "The one with the zombies and the lab place under the mansion," Dr. MENDELBAUM answers as she touches the window.


As the panel doorway in the third descended floor closes, 'Pinky & The Brain' dash into the hallway, scurrying about the edge of the walkway. The Brain licks and wipes away the blood from its mouth, feeling nauseated by the bite of the human. Pinky, running faster and bumping into everything, is so frantic for food, its mind is beginning to go mad with hunger. The Brain runs up and catches up with Pinky, but quickly feels something wrong with him. The Brain squeaks something to Pinky, which Pinky squeaks back, and The Brain turns down a different hallway. Pinky turns around and follows. Somehow, The Brain knows where to go! 


Inside the Secret Metal Staircase in the Facility Wall, Dr. TINMINIT & Dr. PAIN reach their feet as Dr. MUHAMMAD begins checking all of his personal pockets and lab coat pockets. At the same time, they're listening to something small fall down the metal staircase, echoing a tink-tink-tink. Dr. MUHAMMAD feels three of the four stolen containers and begins to say, "No..!" in acknowledgment of one missing. Then screams, "NO! NOO!" and scrambles to his feet. Dr. TINMINIT tries to help Dr. MUHAMMAD up, but the crazed doctor grabs Dr. TINMINIT and screams, "You Stupid Sonofa--!," and throws him over the railing! Dr. PAIN reaches over the railing to try to grab Dr. TINMINIT but only sees his friend fall three floors and hit the cement.


In the Security Storage Wing around the elevator, Dr. SPANKY & Dr. FRIVOLOUS slowly began sitting up, both of them feeling pains in their own bodies from the collapse of the floor. Other doctors and Facility personnel also began moving but not all of them. Dr. SPANKY could see a few other moving and began to check on those around her. Dr. FRIVOLOUS sat up, wincing at the pain in her leg and looked over to her right to see Dr. DEFAULT gasping for air. Dr. FRIVOLOUS jolted up immediately and overlooked Dr. DEFAULT, who had several metallic objects protruding from her check and one rebar rod sticking out of her neck. Seconds later, Dr. FRIVOLOUS watched her friend Dr. DEFAULT exhale one final time without saying a word. 


On the concrete floor, inside the Secret Metal Staircase in the Facility Wall, next to the Security Storage Wing, the body of Dr. TINMINIT lays dead on top of the small cracked container marked [1278-BNA]. Oddly, the bite on his hand from The Brain begins to pulse!


R.I.P. Dr. TINMINIT (8 votes out of 30)

R.I.P. Dr. DEFAULT (8 votes out of 30)

In previous lives, Dr. TINMINT was once an old man named HERBERT who died from falling out of his Ferris wheel seat from the very top of the ride. Dr. DEFAULT was once a nurse turned masseuse named MADAM PINKING who plunged to her death by falling through a floor and landing on top of a chandelier.


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