WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 9: Lab Rats
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 8
Transfixing (8:34 AM/9 Doctors)



Outside of the Facility, both guards tried calling the Amcemis Headquarters Security Office about the phone call from the delivery truck guard. After six unsuccessful attempts using six individual phone numbers, they finally received a callback. It was on the red landline phone. The message was clear and whoever made the call hung up before either guard could make a comment, a response, or ask a question, "Remain at your post. Do not enter the Facility." 


At the Facility's Loading Bays, hiding inside the delivery truck that was supposed to be her getaway vehicle with her companions, Dr. GELDING does her best to cup her hand over her mouth. Dr. GELDING can feel herself panic and start to hyperventilate, knowing that just outside the truck was one severely pissed off guard who they left for dead shoved in a wall panel compartment. While trying to conceal her position, Dr. GELDING tried listening for evidence on where the guard was. The elevator dinged and the doors closed, but Dr. GELDING had no idea if the guard hitched a ride below or if he was lurking around the Loading Bay! Dr. GELDING had her gun and the guard did, too. He is a trained professional. Dr. GELDING is not.


On the descended second floor, running toward the main Facility elevator, Dr. TAKOBEL, Dr. MENDELBAUM, & Dr. MOEBIAS pass by the Board Room and find its door open. Dr. TAKOBEL shouts, "Wait!" to the other two. Dr. TAKOBEL begins to walk slowly into the Board Room with a questioning look on his face as Dr. MENDELBAUM & Dr. MOEBIAS join him. "There was a meeting today. I saw it on the schedule. There's no way they all left the Facility on the elevator," Dr. TAKOBEL said aloud. Dr. MOEBIAS responded with, "So...what's your point? Let's go already!" and fled the Board Room. Dr. MOEBIAS ran toward the elevator and before he could scan his badge, the elevator door opened! Before Dr. MOEBIAS could react, a guard reached out, grabbed Dr. MOEBIAS by the shirt collar, spun him around, and plunged a knife into his back, twisting the blade. As the guard hushed Dr. MOEBIAS and covered his mouth to muffle any screaming, the guard pulled Dr. MOEBIAS into the elevator and closed the door. 


At a Facility's Lab, Dr. MUHAMMAD stepped out of the Lab door and dashed down the hallway. The fact that no other doctors or scientists had passed by to see the corpse in the Lab door was a surprise to him, but fate works in weird ways. Dr. MUHAMMAD, lab coat loaded with insanely dangerous chemicals, knew the elevator would be a mob. Luckily for him, he knew the only way out was the way the Board Member's left: secret escape stair passage! Once inside the passageway, it would only be four floors to run up to the Amcemis building.


Inside the Secret Metal Staircase in the Facility Wall, Dr. TINMINIT & Dr. PAIN knew they had six floors to ascend on foot and it was a long way up. The air was thin due to the concrete and confinement of the stairwell. After stopping at the 3rd Floor sign to catch a quick breath, Dr. TINMINIT realized a strange heaviness in his right lap coat pocket as he ran. Dr. TINMINIT reached and immediately felt a jarring painful poke at two of his fingers! As Dr. PAIN caught up to Dr. TINMINIT to see what the scream was about, a wall panel opened beside them and Dr. MUHAMMAD ran into Dr. PAIN & Dr. TINMINIT, causing all three men to fall down. As 'Pinky & the Brain' ran out of the Dr. TINMINT's lab coat pocket, a small container marked [2178-ANB] fell out of Dr. MUHAMMAD's lab coat pocket and slipped between the grating!


On the Co-Ed Living Quarters floor at the Main Elevator, Dr. SPANKY, Dr. DEFAULT, & Dr. FRIVOLOUS, as well as twenty plus other Facility workers, collapsed off their feet as the fourth descended floor plunged into the bottom floor of the Facility! The structure of the elevator remained intact but the flooring and foundation of the fourth floor fell down like a sinkhole! The metal creaking of the Facility support beams growled and groaned as the corrosive metal bent inward as if they were made of rubber. Several doctors in the mob were immediately impaled by exposed rebar, electrocuted by the stripped wiring that powered the Facility, or crashed to their deaths on the metal-edged I-beams of the last Facility floor.


R.I.P. Dr. MOEBIAS (9 votes out of 30)

In a previous live, Dr. MOEBIAS was a physician named Dr. YELLOWSTEIN who was stabbed in the back by the best friend of the woman he was having an affair with.


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